20-Month-Old Gets Stuck Inside His Toy And Police Comes To The Rescue

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The Police from the Fort Lee Department in New Jersey had to rescue a toddler that got stuck in a very unique place.

The 20-month-old boy Luca was playing with his toys at home when he somehow was able to climb inside his activity box and eventually get stuck. Soon Choe, Lucas’ mother tried to help him get out of the box, but when her son kept repeating to her in Korean that he was in pain, she finally decided to call 911 for help.

“I was panicking, I had to get him out, so I had no choice; I didn’t have the tools. He got in easily but could not come back out.” Choe told ABC7.

Source: https://worldnow.com

Sergeant Rick Hernandez came to the rescue and was able to get Luca out by breaking open the front portion of the toy. This toy is designed to educate children about different shapes, but somehow the child was able to climb inside and get trapped.

Choe took before and after photos of her son in his predicament, which Fort Lee Police posted on their Facebook page, where it garnered a lot of comments about Sgt. Hernandez being a hero. Choe also said she will never let her son forget this incident and will show him these photos on his wedding day, and will make him remember what he put her through for the rest of his life.

As of now, the mother and son’s lives have gotten back to normal with this incident being just another childhood adventure for Luca.



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