20 Most Awkwardly Awesome Pregnancy Announcements The World Has Ever Seen

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These days, anybody who’s anybody announces their biggest life moments on social media for the whole world to see. The best announcements (and the most creative ones) are created by some of the most passionate soon-to-be parents in the world. If they spend this much time and energy TELLING us they’re preggers, just imagine how awesome they’ll be as parents.

1.) I hope that kid loves Halloween as much as his parents.

2.) Vanilla Ice must be smiling somewhere.

3.) She sure does love that apple juice.

4.) Is honesty REALLY the best policy?

5.) Where’s “Waldo?”

6.) What CAN’T you do with red sauce?

7.) I bet that kid’s “pumped.”

8.) Might as well get them on board early…

9.) … and get that new training in.

10.) Oh, we will.

11.) Pay up, rent’s due.

12.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans, eat your heart out.

13.) Brand placement, for the win!

14.) I wonder if they have a bench big enough for six?

15.) I think we need a bigger TV.

16.) Nothing like a math equation to make people smile.

17.) You can’t NOT be the father on Maury.

18.) Dum Dum… DUM!

19.) That’s one movie I’d like to see.

20.) Well that’s just mean…

Well, that just put me to shame. Good thing I have a few years to brainstorm my own announcement. I’ll be darned if the Joneses next door make a funnier pregnancy announcement!