20-Year-Old Man Wins $5 Million Jackpot On His Birthday

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A New York man celebrated his 20th birthday in an unusual way — winning $5 million from a state lottery scratch-off ticket.

The New York State Lottery said Patrick Clarke, 28, bought a $10 Set for Life instant ticket on his birthday and soon discovered he won the jackpot.

“My mom called and wanted me to do a favor for her and she gave me some money as a thank you,” Clarke said. “I knew right away I wanted to buy a Lottery ticket and knew it had to be Set for Life. That’s always been my mom’s game and it’s my game now.”

He didn’t scratch the ticket until later, when he arrived at his girlfriend’s house.

“I scratched the ticket and saw a match on number 16 with the word ‘Life’ under it,” Clarke said. “I started laughing and dancing all around the house!”

Clarke chose the option of a lump sum payment totaling $2,453,693 after required withholdings.

“I was very surprised that I won the jackpot and feel very blessed. It means I won’t have to worry so much. There will always be something to worry about, but for once, it won’t be about money,” he said.

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