Man Rolls Massive 2000-Pound Bath Bomb Into Swimming Pool

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2000 pound bath bomb swimming pool

Taking a long, luxurious bath is relaxing – and one way to kick it up a notch is with a bath bomb. These perfumed little balls not only make your water colorful, but the experience of the fizz when you drop one in is oddly satisfying.

The people at Vat19 wanted to take bath bomb making and-using to a whole new level, so they created the “World’s Largest Bath Bomb”.

When finished, the bath weighed in at 2000-pounds. You clearly can’t drop a 2000-pound bath bomb in the tub, so they decided to roll it into a large in-ground swimming pool!

The results were pretty cool! The entire pool turned into a giant, soothing bathtub!

Check it out!