21 Of The Strangest Vending Machines You Never Knew Existed

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Just when you thought you have seen it all.  Some of these vending machines would be quite useful today in 2017…I mean…who doesn’t want to buy all their groceries from a vending machine in one shot!

1.) Buying flight insurance used to be so much easier.

2.) Nothing like a vending machine that serves beer.

3.) For those times you desperately need 20 pounds of potatoes and the stores are closed.

4.) Get your farm fresh eggs right from the vending machine.

5.) If a beer vending machine isn’t your thing, how about a machine that serves whisky?

6.) Just 25 cents a book, such a bargain.

7.) Why pick apples when you can get them from a vending machine?

8.) I have no idea what Ark Pie is, but I want some.

9.) No more waiting around for those hot meals. Get them in an instant from a vending machine.

10.) Anyone up for some more eggs from a vending machine?

11.) This machine actually sold already lit cigarettes for a penny.

12.) I hope this machine is just selling hot dogs…

13.) Fresh fruit on the sidewalk.

14.) A coin operated perfume dispenser.

15.) Only 10 quarters for flight insurance? That seems like a bargain.

16.) Enjoy your music with this 45 rpm record vending machine.

17.) Get all your grocery shopping done without having to talk to a single soul.

18.) Forget your bikini? That’s what this vending machine is for.

19.) Why bring lunch when you can have vending machine soup!?

20.) For the fishermen on the go.

21.) In Germany, if you needed to know the time, you could just buy a vending machine watch.

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