$2,120 Designer Purse Looks Just Like A Dog Poo Bag

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The world of fashion is a bizarre one, that’s for sure. But could you imagine spending over $2000 on a purse/clutch that looks just like a black bag of dog poo?

The Italian designer company Bottega Veneta offers up a ton of super expensive and ‘ugly’ pieces of clothing and accessories. But it’s their latest handbag that is capturing the attention of the internet. Not because it’s totally awesome, but because the purse costs $2,120 and looks just like a bag of dog s**t.


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By Tyrone Lebon

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According to its official description on the website, this bag is a “soft clutch with knotted handle in woven leather.”

And here are the highlights, just in case you didn’t notice them already… Firstly, it is a “soft sack shape with [a] handle that looks casually knotted and slips around the wrist” with an “iconic intrecciato weave in a subtly amplified new dimension…” We are hoping you know what that means, because we have no clue.

So clearly this bag is geared towards wealthy dog owners. Might as well look stylish while picking up your dogs fecal matter!