21st Century Clothing Rejected By Man Who Only Wears 1820’s Clothes

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Keeping up with fashion trends can be tiresome and frustrating but not for this man who sticks to just one decade.

That man is Zack Pinset from Hove, East Sussex. The decade… the 1820s. He adopted his style after coming across a box of his great-grandfather’s old suits when he was just 14, and realized they were a perfect fit. He admits though that it would have been easier and simpler to have chosen a more recent era, for ease of shopping.

Now 25 years old, he has since rejected contemporary fashion and is only dressed in the flamboyant and nostalgic Regency clothing as that is the only way he feels comfortable.


He explains how it all began.

“At 14, I made the symbolic decision to burn my only pair of jeans in a bonfire. It was a real turning point. On non-school uniform days, I would dress in three-piece suits but when I got to sixth form I started to dress in historical clothing every single day.”

He adds, “ I was quite surprised that in the leavers’ book I was voted as the best dressed. People weren’t necessarily  saying that to my face but it was clear that there was an undercurrent of respect.”

Zack researches, designs, and sews his outfits by himself, with some creations taking up to a year to perfect rather than searching shops for his clothes.

Typically, you will find him wearing knee-high leather riding boots, a floral waistcoat, and riding jacket with long tails and is often seen wearing a top hat and matching cane while strolling out in Brighton. Kind of reminds you of the Johnnie Walker Scotch logo.


His different and hard work pays off by compliments he has received from people in the streets, including a huge group of  London football fans who were surprisingly good-natured for a change.

“ The response is almost always completely positive, and genuinely lovely. And it isn’t just a Brighton thing, I’ve been all over the world and people are inquisitive and appreciative.”

Aside from receiving compliments, the 25 year old’s smart style of dressing has even inspired some marriage proposals.

“I’ve received may marriage proposals and many other things. I think it’s indicative that women want a gentleman and someone that cares about his presentation and appearance.” He adds, “ It’s hard for men, we can’t show exuberance but I love what I do and I’m only doing it for my own enjoyment. For me, it is a bit of wrong-tree-wrong-forest situation.”

Well said Zack…if clothes make the man, then you are most definitely the man.


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