23 Things That Are Amazingly Bigger Than You Probably Expected

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Some of the coolest pages of the ‘Guinness World Records’ books are the ones that feature the ‘largest’ objects, beings and things! It’s incredibly interesting to see just how massive things are that we typically wouldn’t think are that large. From Wombats to road signs, animals to art – here are a 23 things that are amazingly bigger than any of us probably expected.

1. A Moose

2. Leatherback Sea Turtle

3. Giant African Land Snail

4. Modern day cruise ship vs. the Titanic

5. Eagle Claw vs. Human Hand

6. The largest known flying animal Quetzalcoatlus Northropi

7. Lungs Of A Horse

8. The Great Pyramid Of Giza

9. A Fully Grown Wombat

10. A Humpback Whale

11. A Normal Streetlight

12. Wolf vs. Coyote

13. Dirt loader vs. Bus

14. Interstate Road Sign

15. Michelangelo’s David

16. Salt Water Crocodile

17. Actual Prop Ring Used In The Lord Of The Rings Movies

18. Full Grown Gorilla Hand

19. World’s Largest Red Wood Tree

20. Wind Turbine Blade

21. Adult Wolf Skull vs. Adult Wild Boar Skull

22. A seven foot tall due vs. Yao Ming

23. A Blue Whale’s Heart