25 Cool Parents That Are Too Funny For Their Own Good!

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I like to think I could be included in this list of ‘cool’ parents!

1. The dad who went great lengths to prove his daughter looked like him. 

Via: imgur.com

2. This Dad…

Via:  imgur.com

3. The mom who should rethink her balloon holding stance.


Via: imgur.com

4. Parents recreate movie scenes with their kids!

Via: cardboardboxoffice.com

5. The parent who appreciate good humor!

Via: Twitter: @implicittrees

6. The dad who photobombed his daughters prom picture!

Via: imgur.com

7. The mom who created the donut hairdo for crazy hair day.

Via: obsessivelychaotic / Via instagram.com

8. The dad who went to great lengths to mock his daughter’s Instagram pics. 

Via: therealburrmartin / Via instagram.com

9. A dad and his baby.

Via: khalifa69 / Via reddit.com

10. When your dad is a savage!

Via: mangobomb91 / Via instagram.com

11. This mom went overboard for a breast cancer awareness fundraiser.

Via: tumblr.tastefullyoffensive.com

12. The coolest parents ever…

Via: imgur.com

13. The funny mom!

Via: mgur.com / Via reddit.com

14. When dad formally explains to you why you can’t have $20

Via: imgur.com

15. Thanks rents!

Via: reddit.com

16. Trolling mom isn’t impressed.

Via: jokideo.com

17. When your parents are models….almost.

Via: imgur.com

18. Owned by mom!

Via: tumblr.com

19. When your dad drops you off at school in full Cosplay attire. 

Via: happidonut / Via instagram.com

20. Don’t wake the baby!

Via: imgur.com

21. Real cute dad!

Via: Twitter: @kevinillest

22. When mom gets you a ‘real’ apple watch!

Via: tessacharters / Via instagram.com

23. That’s my baby!

24. When your mom is over your bad laundry habits. 

Via: jennifercramerlewis / Via instagram.com

25. …Again…super cool parents!

Via: reddit.com

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