26 Epic People And Acts That Restored My Faith In The Entire Human Race

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Turning on the news everyday can be depressing. Almost every story highlights the crime in our communities, the wars around the world, or the desperate struggles of humanity. It’s enough to make you wonder whether anything good can happen around us.

That ends today. Because after seeing these amazing acts of awesomeness, you’ll not only thank these people for making your day a little better, but want to be just like them yourself.

That’s how a business wins a customer for life.

Putting America to work, one person at a time.

Thank a doctor. They save lives everyday and that’s a miracle.

Seeing this in front of my favorite restaurant would put a smile on my face.

He had a dream, just not the one society said he should have.

He must have read my mind.

This is the way to run a responsible business in your community.

No more thinking you finally found a spot.

Hey lady, I hope you voted for Rahm Emanuel.

This will certainly keep them going back long after the tornado stops.

Don’t worry, you’ll do fine.

Mr. Neighbor, you’re our hero.

Good guy Greg’s A-OK in my book.

If he learned anything, let’s hope it’s that anything is possible. Even beating his disease.

IKEA, you’re doing it right.

You might think this picture is two pieces short of a Fruit of the Loom commercial, but it’s way better.

Can I just say… FACT?

“Please don’t rob…” our new best friends.

You can save the Earth too!

The unexpected kindnesses are the best.

You must get daily cheers from other cars.

You had me at Chipotle.

A University police officer with a heart of gold.

If this doesn’t inspire you to be better…

Mmmmm that’s refreshing.

I want to live THERE!

(via eBaum’s World)

Let’s all agree that these 26 people and their kind acts represent the best of humanity. Because, even though their small acts of kindness would probably go unnoticed by the world around them if not for these photos, they sought neither fame nor fortune.

That’s why I want to be just like them, and hopefully you do too.

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