28 Times People Encountered Designs That Are So Bad They’re Good…But Really Just Horrible

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The Crappy Design subreddit has more than 2.3 million members and it’s home to the worst designs ever and we wanted to share some of the newest ones with you. Even if you know next to nothing about good design, you’ll intuitively shy away from some of these design choices.

1.How will you ever get around this?

2. I don’t think this is how that works…

3. An Indian television show…

4. Plants and butts?

5. I guess the captain is going down with the ship!

6. Landing your picture on the front cover of the newspaper…but not being told what the article underneath your picture will be. 

7. Makes sense…

8. Having to stop construction on a Burger King because they built it backwards. 


10. The black package is salt while the white one is pepper.

11. Looks like an interesting day at the park!

12. Perfect place to hide your money and valuables if you are not concerns about them burning up!

13.  Damn…sounds intense!

14. You have to get an unnecessary subscription just to read this article.

15. Gross…

16. Broken bones will happen here.

17. Who needs that corner anyway…

18. Anyone know what this is made of?

19. Offering full oral exams.

20. Out of all the designs you could put together…this is what is chosen?

21. Ummm….

22. This would annoy me…I couldn’t live there.

23. Pretty sure those doors are meant for shower stalls.

24. Umm…yay…I guess…

25. Sounds legit…

26. A solar powered street light under a bridge.

27. The braille on the alarm and stop buttons are the same. 

28. Good advice.