3 Awesome High-Tech Camping Gadgets To Help You Face The Wilderness

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There is a never ending plethera of awesome gadgets that are designed to make your camping experience that much more awesome! Here are three, that are different and really, really cool!

1. Happier Camper

Happier Camper’s latest high-tech, retro-style camper—the HC1 Lightweight AC—is equipped with a remote-controlled air conditioner, which doubles as a humidifier. The small fiberglass camper also boasts solar panels, a Bose sound system, and iPad and tablet docking stations; the base price is $15,950. happiercamper.com


2. Mojoe

Mojoe, a travel mug that doubles as a coffeemaker, brings a whole new meaning to “coffee on the go.” Powered via a car adapter, wall adapter, or rechargeable battery, this mug heats water to 200 degrees. Available online, the mugs start shipping this summer, according to the company’s Kickstarter update; $90 each. mojoebrewing.com


3. TinyMOS

Just point this iPhone-size astronomy camera, called Tiny1, at the night sky and an augmented-reality map will guide you toward whatever star you’re searching for. The smartphone-connected device is compatible with multiple camera lenses and telescopes. Although TinyMOS’s Indiegogo campaign doesn’t end until next month, you can pre-order your Tiny1 camera through the Indiegogo campaign which has already reached more than 250 percent of its funding goals; $500. tinymos.com


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