3 Really Cool Ways To Upcycle Old Clothes

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The clothing industry has a lot to answer for. Sweatshops exploit workers in poor countries. Mass-produced clothing constantly goes to waste. Massive corporations take advantage of our desire to dress well while having an impact that the planet might never recover from. Even their initiatives to recycle old clothing you bring them are built to make you feel better, as opposed to actually helping anyone.

Nonetheless, there is nothing wrong with buying nice clothing, and it is something we all love doing. Dressing up is great for self-esteem and is a basic form of self-expression. The question is what to do with clothes that are worn out. Clothes that are in a state that no one can wear them, even those living on the streets.

The good news is that there are so many ways to upcycle old clothing. With DIY Hometalk you can find ideas to create beautiful and practical interior designs. Here are 3 really cool ways to upcycle old clothes.

Denim is upcycling gold

There is perhaps no better material for upcycling than denim. Your old jeans can be used for a huge array of clever home projects. Denim is a very hardy fabric, and while it is soft and malleable, you can turn it into a long-lasting decorative or practical item.

For example, you can simply cut off your old jeans pockets and use them for coasters. Easy enough. Alternatively, you can go the extra mile and use denim scraps to create a shag rug, craft cute and chewable dog toys, or use the pockets to build a very practical and easy-on-the-eye holder.

The only limits with denim are those you put on yourself. Get those old jeans and jackets out and start cutting!

T-Shirts make ideal covers

I’m not the only one whose closet eventually becomes a t-shirt graveyard. T-shirts are the sort of item that gets boring or faded very quickly, but we tend not to throw them out. In the end, we have dozens of old t-shirts that we plan to one day “wear to bed.”

However, old t-shirts are incredibly useful for upcycling. In particular, they can make perfect covers for everything from throw pillows to quilts. Cover your laundry basket with t-shirt designs to make it a far more attractive (and meta) container. Or use some cool retro t-shirts to turn a chair into a statement.

Sweaters are decorative

Sweaters are perhaps not as useful or easy to work with as denim. However, they are perfect for creating original decorative pieces. Because they are so textured and thick, there are endless options for designs to go on your walls, augment your furniture, or add comfort to hard surfaces.

You can turn one sweater into a number of cozies for your mugs. Use a combination of sweater designs to upcycle a wreath. Use them to make your planters more attractive, both to the eye and to the touch.

Old clothing does not need to go in the trash. There is more than enough clothing in landfills to send our planet on the wrong course. Upcycle and save the planet while saving money.