3 Surprising Benefits Of Watching Documentaries On A Date Night

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When organizing a date night, the routine is usually to grab some takeout and watch a movie, a romantic comedy, perhaps. While that plan is generally OK, at some point, you may want to mix things up a little and try something new. 

For example, you could try a new restaurant in town or cook a meal together at home. Alternatively, you could go stargazing or have a picnic under the stars if the weather allows. However, if you are looking to give your typical date night a truly original and unexpected twist, we suggest watching a documentary. Art de Vivre (artdevivre.com) has quite a few exciting suggestions for the best documentaries to stream in 2023 that you and your partner are sure to enjoy. 

A documentary will not only give you a refreshing change of pace but can also offer a host of benefits for your relationship. Let us discuss the three most surprising ways in which documentaries can help make your date night better.

The Three Ways in Which Documentaries Can Enhance Your Date Night Experience

Here are some of the reasons you should consider before renting a documentary for your next date night:

  • Discover new interests together: spanning a wide range of topics, documentaries can help you and your partner discover new interests and explore these together.
  • Have meaningful conversations with your partner: engaging and thought-provoking, documentaries can lead to discussions about important issues, concepts, and ideas.
  • Create lasting memories: documentaries have the power to deeply move and leave an emotional impact on viewers, making them a memorable experience to share with your partner.

By generating new interests, sparking insightful discussions, and helping create long-lasting memories, documentaries can significantly boost your date night experience and bring the two of you even closer together.

Tips to include in Planning an Extraordinary Night with a Documentary Film

Are you planning to surprise your partner with a memorable documentary date night? Make sure you have all the essentials prepared in advance. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of that experience:

  • Pick a documentary topic that both you and your partner find interesting and engaging
  • Make sure the setting you’ll be watching the film in is cozy, comfortable, and free from distractions
  • Plan carefully and give yourself enough time to watch the entire film without interruptions 
  • Have drinks and snacks handy to enhance your docu-watching experience 
  • Set aside time after the movie to chat about what you liked and disliked, share your opinions and emotions

With these simple tips, you will be able to plan a date night that’s fun, educational, and beneficial for you and your partner.

Why Should You Consider Watching Documentaries for Your Next Date Night?

Documentaries can be a surprisingly effective way to make your date night unique and memorable. From giving you food for thoughtful and meaningful discussions to creating lifelong memories, the benefits of watching a documentary with your partner are many. So, next time you are planning a date night, consider breaking away from your traditional dinner-and-romcom routine and try something more fascinating and educational – a documentary.