3 Ways To Incorporate Beading Into Jewelry

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Are you stuck at home in quarantine? Or are you looking for a cool new look that you can create yourself? Well, DIY jewelry has become a trendy hit that you too can become a part of. Making your own jewelry is easy and can bring a whole new meaning to your “sense of self.”

There are so many looks you can put together when creating your first piece of jewelry. Here, we will focus on incorporating different techniques of beading into jewelry. All you will need is a clear string, colored beads, charms, letter beads, or whatever you think will suit your personal style.

If you think making DIY jewelry will become a regular hobby or perhaps wanting to make jewelry to sell, it can help if you buy your beads in bulk. Finding a store that sells wholesale beads can really save money in the long run. This also allows you to share the love and invite some friends over to create new pieces together.

Let’s get to it!


1. Color Coordinated Beading

To build a certain personal aesthetic, you can come up with a color scheme you love and stick with it. Making multiple bracelets and/or necklaces with the same colors can help you pull off a specific look.

Whether you are choosing your favorite colors or the colors of a band, state, or school you love, creating patterns can make your chosen colors more appealing to the eye.

Creating a 1:1 pattern with alternating colors or choosing an equal number for your alternating pattern can help you look organized, yet chic. Now that you got the groove, go ahead and make one for each of your friends.

2. Using Lettered Beads

A new trend in DIY jewelry is to make pieces using lettered beads. This design is quite popular because it allows you to add your own touch and personalize your jewelry to your liking. You can use the lettered beads to write your name, your favorite phrase, a favorite line from a song, or whatever speaks to you.

If you have a longer quote in mind, you may want to create a necklace, so you have the appropriate spacing. Bracelets are good for shorter phrases or a simple word.

3. Using Charms With Beads

Having a charm in the center of your necklace or bracelet can really add a professional look. If your favorite color is pink, for example, you could use pink and white beads with a flower charm in the middle. Charms can bring your DIY jewelry to the next level and add a special touch to your finished pieces.

You can find endless charms to use in your jewelry designs, it is just a matter of choosing something you love that works well with the colors of your beads.

Beading can be fun and relaxing, yet inspirational at the same time. Whether you want to pick up DIY jewelry as a hobby or you want to start your own business, this is something anyone can do.

Learning the basics of beading can give you the foundation to really get creative. Now that you are an expert on DIY jewelry designs using beads and charms, take the dive and go for it. The more time you put into it, the better the results will be!