30-Minute Costume Guide For Halloween

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Need a costume idea this year that does’t have a shortage of creativity and won’t take all day to make? Try these incredible 30-Minute Costumes ideas on for size! Dress up like Alice in Wonderland in no time, whip-up a flapper headband in minutes, don a cardboard lion mask in a flash or Van- go to the Halloween party in an amazing DIY Van Gough costume! All those great ideas are here.


Making an Alice in Wonderland costume doesn’t have to take all day with this creative spin on the giant version of Alice. For this DIY costume, you will need a cardboard box and some paint. Fold the top flaps of the box together like a roof, paint a house design and cut out a hole in the top of the box for the head and two holes in the sides for the arms. Wear a blue dress and don your cardboard house and Alice has come to Wonderland!


Channel your inner Daisy from the Great Gatsby and make a flapper headband! Simply cut a band of cereal box cardboard, paint it, punch holes in the sized and tie yarn to fasten around the back of your head. Decorate the band with designs and feathers, geometric shapes and plastic gemstones.


Need a last minute idea that isn’t short on style? Make a simple lion mask that is both artful and cool. Hot glue is your friend with this project and think out of the box! You can make any animal mask you wish. The key to making this mask work is not to over do it. Leave it unpainted and you will look hip and not fussy.


You don’t have to lose an ear to make this amazing Van Gough costume. All you need is a cool, empty frame, a straw hat and a suit, tie and shirt you can paint on. Get out the face paints and apply small brush strokes to the face in a painterly style. Do the same for the coat and tie and you are all set to become a Masterpiece!


Super short on time? Try making a cool and artsy paper bag mask. Go cubist style or make a Andy Warhol inspired pop portrait. Get out the paints and let your creativity loose. The real point is just to paint a face in an artistic way. A paper bag never looked so awesome!

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