30 Pics Showing How Canadians Are Dealing With An Unprecedented Blizzard

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We have definitely been seeing some seriously crazy weather lately around the world. The most recent insane weather system is taking place in chill old country of Canada. A massive blizzard hit Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada, covering the area in HUGE amounts of snow.

Canadians wanted to show the world just what the worst blizzard in half a century looks like, so they posted a whole bunch of pictures online. From snow completely covering home entrances to snow piles up higher than a homes roof top. It’s truly crazy!

Check out some of the pictures from the blizzard below…some are just so crazy that it’s hard to believe they got this much snow, so quickly!

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1. Might as well try to make the best of a cold and snowy situation!

2. The snow piled up so high and hard against this persons door, the doorbell actually rang!

3. Wow! Absolutely buried!

The snowstorm hit Newfoundland on Friday and many Canadians found themselves trapped in their homes due to the snow blocking the entrances to their homes. What’s more, this is far from the end: meteorologists are promising even more snow in the near future.

As of right now, many of these poor folks have received over 100+cm of snow!

4. Ice build up

5. Newfoundlanders have the best sense of humor!

6. This is a driveway. Yes. It is someones actual driveway. Ugh!

The entire area has been declared a State of Emergency. People have been told to stock up on food, water and survival supplies.

7. Whoa!

8. Temptations

9. Surviving the blizzard with a sense of humor!

10. Why didn’t I close the sunroof!

11. Dude…where’s my car?

12. My wipers don’t work

13. So eerie!

14. Insanity

15. Our street got a few inches of snow!

16. This little guy has his own little doggy snowhouse!

17. How on earth do I get out?!

18. It’s like living in an igloo!

19. This dude is over 6 foot tall by the way!

20. How am I supposed to go pee?

21. Snowed so hard it went right through the hood

22. Might as build that archway to the front door now!

23. Digging out the door and having to use the bathtub to get rid of the snow!

24. Gotta keep those soda’s cold!

25. It’s real life Fortnite

26. Not getting to work today! Oh well!

27. Mood: Claustrophobic

28. Will the snow just stop already!

29. Digging trenches just to find parked cars

30. Over it!