30 Things You Should Never Do In New York

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Don’t Take A Carriage Ride

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It may seem like a scenic, comfortable way to see New York, but it’s not true for the beasts pulling your carriage. Even though the horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park seems to be an iconic New York City activity, skip it. These poor beasts aren’t being treated well, and their living and working conditions aren’t humane. The people of New York fully support ethical animal tourism, and sadly, the owners fail in showing any concern for animal rights. Aside from being terrible caretakers, these drivers start harassing tourists to take the ride at an obscenely expensive price once they enter the park. There are so many ways to see the area, and walking is still the best. Be thoughtful. You could also grab a bike, save a lot of money, and take advantage of the free cardio workout while you get to see more of the park. It’s better for the animals and great for your heart.