35 Ways Old Bed Sheets Are Used To Create Amazing New Things

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Sleep is an important part of life, and we spend at least ⅓ of our lives sleeping, for most of us lucky ones, on a bed with clean bed sheets. Comfort is after all a luxury some can’t afford. So for us that are fortunate enough, don’t throw away old bed sheets just because you don’t use them anymore. There are other ways you can find to do with them around the household.


  1. Turn them into aprons. Using old bed sheets as aprons for kitchen work, or for barbecuing on a grill outdoors is a clever way to upcycle your old sheets. Just a little imagination and some elbow grease and you have something “new”.


  1. Turn them into cleaning rags. Cut them up and use them as cleaning rags instead of paper towels. And they are reusable too, just washing them and they are ready for use again. Different designs and colors make great rags.

Source: https://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/

  1. Create a furniture or wall makeover. Colored and patterned sheets make for a nifty makeover for old furniture and boring walls. With the proper adhesive you can’t go wrong.


  1. DIY curtains. Different patterns for curtains of different rooms. Explore your creativity.

Source: https://sustainablecooks.com/

  1. Craft a simple braided dog toy. Dogs, especially when they are puppies, love to tug at things they can sink their teeth into, it’s part of their play routine. Creating a cloth dog toy by cutting your sheets into strips and twisting them into braids make for a great plaything for dogs, hopefully they will leave your curtains and table mantels alone.


  1. Turn them into dresses. Old sheets with beautiful patterns need not go to waste, create a “house dress” you can use for day to day house chores and look good in them.

Source: https://mommyrunsoncoffee.com/

  1. Use as a movie screen. An old white bed sheet can double up as a movie screen if you have a projector. Cheap, easy to use, and adjustable (to the size of screen you want) to an extent.


  1. Pillowcases from old sheets. Instead of buying pillow cases, craft your own, with your own design to liven up your bed.

Source: https://cdn.diys.com/

  1. Fashion a rag rug. Old bed sheets and other pieces of fabric can be stitched together to fashion a rug of rags, the more colorful the better.


  1. Make fabric gift wraps. Another creative way to use old colorful bed sheets. Wrap gifts using cut-out portions, and tie with a matching bow or ribbon.

Source: https://fabric-webdata.s3.amazonaws.com/

  1. Create a rustic quilt. Use different cut-up pieces of bed sheets to make patches to fashion a rustic looking quilt, makes for a cozy bedroom ambience.


  1. Create a pleated bed skirt. Another bedroom innovation using old bed sheets. Simple to make, yet adds a lot to the ambience.

Source: https://secure.img1-fg.wfcdn.com/

  1. Use as a garment bag. Fashion old sheets as a bag to cover garments like your coats, dresses, etc.


  1. Turn them into ironing board covers. For those who do ironing at home, use old bed sheets to decorate your ironing boards. Looks good and works well.


  1. Use as a bulletin board cover. Spruce up that boring bulletin board you have in your kitchen, or other work areas by giving it an art-deco look.

Source: https://simplyfutbol.com/

  1. Use as a seat cover. Replace old auto seat covers, with old bed sheets to safeguard them from dirt, dust, and spills.


  1. Use as a pet bedding. Give your pet the luxury of a bed sheet. Be it used to wrap a cushion or simply lining up the floor, your pet will appreciate the gesture. Thicker bed sheets will warm them up better as well.


  1. Doll clothing for your kids. Simple and easy to do, it will not only make your kid happy, it will save you money you can use for more important matters.

Source: https://i.pinimg.com/

  1. Keep in your car for emergencies. You will ever know when an old bed sheet will prove useful when on the road. For example, it could be used to help you change a tire in dirty pavement, or for cleaning up spills and the sort.


  1. Make a makeshift tunic to keep your clothes clean. If you need to do stuff like paint a room, or something that could mess up your clothes, cut a hole in an old bed sheet and slip it on.

Source: https://sbly-web-prod-shareably.netdna-ssl.com/

  1. Create patterned tote bags. Tote bags are really handy for many purposes – grocery shopping, going on a picnic, and whatever else you could use one. Design different looks.


  1. Create an emergency heating pad. Heating pads help with aches and pains, but can be costly. DIY with cutting rectangular pieces from an old sheet to make a pouch. Fill the pouch with rice or dried beans, sew it shut, and microwave when needed.

Source: https://www.wikihow.com/

  1. Turn into a laundry bag. Simple and useful, especially if you don’t have a clothes hamper. Easy to bring to the laundry area or washing machine.


  1. Create an outdoor tent for the kids. Again simple to do, design as you choose. You can add windows, curtain door, use your creativity.


  1. Make a bed sheet hammock. Perfect for relaxing outdoors without spending a dime. Easy to make and use, just make sure it can take the weight of the user.

Source: https://i.pinimg.com/

  1. Create beautiful table runners. If you have several old sheets, you can make table runners for all seasons. Brightly colored ones for spring and summer, and darker hues for fall and winter. Add some lace if you want, mix and match your creativity with the designs.


  1. Make handy cloth napkins. With some skills in sewing, you can make several nice looking cloth napkins your guests will not be able to guess where it came from. Different colors and textures make for a useful collection.


  1. Make a ground cover for picnics. Not much work needed, just a little ingenuity for design. Keep it handy in your car, you never know what occasion will come about where it will be useful.

Source: https://uppergrandfht.org/

  1. Use as bird-nesting material. Cut them into small strips and hang them outside. Birds will use them as colorful nesting material they can weave into their nests.


  1. Turn them into fitted sheets. Simply sew on elastic garter at the edges of the old sheet to make fit snugly unto your bed. Get that creaseless, ironed out feel all the time.

Source: https://cb2.scene7.com/

  1. DIY pajama bottoms. Some sewing skills required, but still simple to do. You can fashion matching pajama bottoms for the family.


  1. Create a crib mobile. Cut out small pieces of your old sheet into different shapes, use different colored sheets for a better artistic look, hang them over the baby’s crib, and let the wind playfully rotate the mobile.

Source: https://www.bowerpowerblog.com/

  1. Craft a handy draft catcher. Design a draft catcher you can cover cracks under the doors which let draft in, and fashion them to look good and not end up an eyesore.


  1. Make a plastic bag holder. If you still use plastic bags, avoid the clutter of these bags by making a plastic bag holder from old bed sheets. Adjust the look and size on the space you have to hang the holder.


  1. Use an old sheet to protect your plants. When the weather changes abruptly, you can design a plant protective cover with an old bed sheet and some aluminum framing to create a “greenhouse” look to keep your plants warm. Better than no protection at all.

Source: https://wegardeners.com/

The list you can do with old bed sheets goes on. Rely on your imagination, and handyman skills to make your life a little better.


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