4 Jobs That Make People The Happiest

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According to Glassdoor, in 2020, the top three jobs that make people the happiest in America are working as a Front-end Engineer (first), Java Developer next (second), and Data Scientist (third). This may surprise you as they all hardly seem full of excitement that many people, perhaps, thought the most popular jobs would be. So in this article, we’re looking at four alternative jobs that make people happy.

1. Voice Actor

The most popular of forty-one jobs as mentioned by Moneywise, the voice actor can work from home. You just don’t provide voice-overs, but you can also narrate books, provide commercial voice tracks and, perhaps more excitingly, bring characters to life in your own unique way and for years to come. Most voice-over artists work from home in their own studio, although there are studios you can record at. More experienced voiceover actors can earn roughly $500 per hour, whereas less experienced ones can expect to receive an hourly rate of $300, which is still pretty decent considering there are jobs that offer a minimum hourly wage


2. Candy Store Owner

Between last year and 2015, candy stores generated a staggering $10 billion, which includes an annual increase of approximately 2.5% for 2020. The recent worldwide pandemic has not dampened the desire for sweet treats, so this is an ideal time for starting your own candy store business. Factor in adults craving the nostalgic taste of sweets from their childhood, the candy store has never been more popular.

Most candy stores have their own niches, ranging from a physical shop front to being online and being traditional compared to having the latest trends. Furthermore, candy shop owners can earn around $80,000 yearly for making others happy. Sweet.

3. Hugging Pandas

Considered the world’s best job, you can expect to be paid $32,000 yearly for hugging pandas. The official job title is ‘Panda Caretaker’ and this is a position that exists in China. However, applicants are warned that if they have a certain food preference, they would have to carefully consider whether it is worth applying for such a position. This is because the variety of food available at the Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre is severely limited.


4. Cuddling and Nurturing babies

Alright, this last job is a volunteer position, but volunteering can provide a much-needed experience in gaining that first job. It is also good to help other people and there is an increasing demand, which is why this important job is included.

Adoption agencies need caregivers who have some time and love to share. Babies that are in their first few weeks of life, waiting to be adopted, need a lot of human affection and love, as many of us with experience of tending to babies and children know. Therefore if you have some time on your hands for one of the most popular volunteering positions available consider applying. Besides, everyone likes a cuddle.

There are people made for the humdrum typical 9-5 weekday job. Sitting at a desk doing the same repetitive work throughout most of their working lives. Then there are those seeking adventure, wanting to do something that makes them want to get up early and head off to work. Be one of those people and enjoy life because you never know what surprises it may bring.