4 Practical Reasons To Invest In Dog Clothes

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It’s not all about looking the part. Sometimes it’s about showing you care

When people talk about dressing up their dogs, it’s usually seen as something fun and silly; a way of making your precious pooch stand out on your daily walk.

However, it’s not all about aesthetic benefits when it comes to considering dog clothes. There are actually a wide variety of practical benefits attached to the idea of dressing your dog. From body temperature to extra protection, fashion for our furry friends can serve a much bigger purpose than simply looking cute.

Online retailers like Spark Paws offer a wide range of high quality dog clothes to meet a variety of needs. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most important practical reasons to invest in clothes for your dog.

Regulating body temperature

One of the most obvious and most popular reasons for dog clothes is to make your sure pooch is comfortable no matter the weather. This is of course very important in winter, especially for breeds with short fur or who aren’t necessarily built for cold climates. From dog sweaters and dog hoodies to socks and booties, dog clothes can make walking in winter much more comfortable and enjoyable. When it’s extra cold, they can even be a good idea when staying indoors.

However, dog clothes can also be a good idea when the weather is warmer. Summertime can be just as hard on your dog as winter, thanks to the intense heat and humidity. A cooling vest can help to prevent overheating, especially for dogs who are older or who have pre-existing health concerns.

Protect your dog against the elements

As well as helping your dog whatever the weather, dog clothes can also help to protect your pooch against the elements. Regardless of the time of year, there are always elements to face – especially in the UK! From wind and rain to snow and sun glare, there are lots of natural elements which can cause discomfort to your canine, so dog clothes can provide protective gear that allows you to take precautionary measures. You wouldn’t leave the house in a blizzard without your coat, so why should your dog?

If you’re planning to walk on a rainy day where the weather isn’t too cold, then a lightweight poncho or an umbrella hooded raincoat is a useful item to have. Similarly, when the sun is shining brightly, UV-shielding clothes can block harsh sunrays from penetrating your dog’s skin.

Provide extra protection for both fur and skin

It’s not just harsh sunlight you need to protect your pet from. There are lots of potential irritants lurking outside, especially bugs. If you go hiking, camping or enjoy woodland walks, ticks and insects are a very real threat to your dog’s health. Dog clothes can provide the extra layer of protection your dog needs for your peace of mind.

Clothing can also prevent burrs, dirt, allergens and other debris from getting into your dog’s fur. Not only will this protect your dog, but it will also make bathing and grooming much easier.

Increase your dog’s overall safety with dog clothes

We humans wear appropriate apparel for certain activities, and so should your dog. If you go swimming or surfing, you’ll likely be wearing a swimsuit or wetsuit of some kind. If you’re taking a boat ride, you’ll probably put on a life vest for extra protection. These same rules apply to your dog. Consider investing in clothing that protects your dog from common risks.

Even walking at night can require specific clothing. Reflective and bright dog clothes can increase visibility and improve your dog’s safety on dark nights.