4 Ways to Move Easily Around Your Home after an Accident

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After an illness, accident or injury caused by serious medical negligence, adapting your home is sometimes a necessity. Special amenities such as stair lifts, elevators, ramps, banisters, electric beds and chairs, ground floor bathrooms, and wider doorways are all necessary in order to make your home more accessible and comfortable to live in after a serious injury. This may also involve making suitable accommodation arrangements or making adaptations to a family home to make it more suitable for a person with a serious injury, make it easier for carers to come and assist with daily tasks, and easier to fit in equipment that is provided to make life easier around the home. Here are some of the best ways to improve your home so that it’s easier to move around and live in after an accident.

#1. Residential Elevators:

If your accident has led to trouble getting up and down the stairs, a residential elevator is the answer to your problems. In addition to providing superior mobility around the home compared with ramps and stair lifts, elevators can benefit everybody that comes through your doors – whether they’re carrying heavy luggage up to a higher floor or getting groceries in without struggling. If you are using a wheelchair or find climbing stairs difficult, an elevator ensures that you can easily move around the house regardless of how many floors you have.

#2. Door Widening:

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If you are using a wheelchair or simply feel that having more space in your home will make it easier for you to get around comfortably, widening your doors can be an ideal solution. It is not usually a difficult job and having wider doors will make it easier for you to get around your home in a wheelchair, or help you get mobility equipment into your home without trouble.

#3. Ground Floor Rooms:

If you’re struggling getting up the stairs and aren’t in a position to invest in a residential elevator, converting your ground floor rooms into ones that you will need to use on a daily basis may be the best idea. A ground floor bathroom is usually a must for those dealing with mobility issues after an accident as it allows you to use the bathroom with ease; if you’re on your own at home there’s no need to worry about having somebody there to assist you with getting there. You can also adapt your ground floor bathroom to make it easier for you to use; a wet room, a hoist or barriers that allow you to easily use the facilities can be added.

#4. Ramps:

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The last thing that you want if you have been injured after an accident is trouble getting into your own home. If your home is raised off the ground or even if there’s just one or two steps to get in, this can quickly become difficult to navigate in a wheelchair or with walking aids. A ramp will ensure that you can quickly, easily and effortlessly get into your home.

These are just some of the most popular and useful home adaptations to aid your mobility and comfort after an accident.