4 Weird Ways To Get Fast Cash

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We’ve all been there. A bill is due in less time than it takes to get through to the next pay period, and you need to find some cash fast.

Fortunately, even during a global pandemic, there are a variety of ways to cover an unexpected expense with little or no notice.

If you need cash now, you might need to make just a couple of changes to your routine to make ends meet fast. From taking selfies to lending out your car, check out some of the most unconventional ways to get a quick buck.

Sell Your Body (Parts)

No, we’re not talking about getting rid of a kidney. But, you can sell other aspects of yourself – from your hair to your blood plasma to your breast milk.

Donating these elements can be a straightforward way to make money fast, but there are a few critical requirements to meet for each different option.

To donate plasma, donors must be healthy and within a desired range of hydration, iron content, and other nutrients to safely conduct the process. The entire donation could take several hours for a first visit, to just under two hours for a return patient.

Donating breast milk can be an even easier process, and is a great way to help mothers who have trouble lactating on their own.

Not only are you making money, but you’re helping others in the process by becoming a donor.

Use Your Car as Advertising

Putting a few ads on your car could be the easiest paycheck you ever make. By simply allowing a company to use the real estate on your vehicle, you can cash in as you drive around town.

Many services will allow you to put ads on virtually any type of vehicle, as long as you own it free and clear and hold the title. This method has the potential to be completely passive, and many companies simply require a minimum amount of drivetime and a certain vehicle value, or other comparable criteria.

Car advertising companies such as Wrapify and and StickerRide can quickly and easily transform your day-to-day commute into another money-making venture.

Become a Test Subject – For Science!

Virtually everything we use goes through a testing phase before it gets into our hands as mass consumers. Joining a research study is a great way to help facilitate a medical study or focus group.

These types of trials can be time consuming and invasive, particularly if they require a medical test or examination process. Additionally, subjects need to be aware of potential effects in regard to medical, pharmaceutical, and even beauty-related studies.

Other studies could include university and business panels, so be sure to check in with your local campuses regularly to see what’s available.

Help Local Businesses

No matter where you live, you’re likely surrounded but at least a few small businesses that need to get their online presence off the ground. If you’re social media savvy and interested in making digital media a new side hustle, consider pitching your skills to your surrounding communities.

From advertising to engagement, there are a ton of ways to leverage the internet for fast business growth. Writing a few articles and setting up a Facebook campaign or two could easily yield a beginner hundreds of dollars.

This is also a great way to get networking opportunities that can boost your career in the long run. Those who are seeking a change in their career paths can easily kill two birds with one stone by becoming a freelancer.

If you’re in a pinch and find yourself short approaching your upcoming payday, these are just a few options available to add a quick lump sum into your bank account. Whether you’re juggling an unexpected expense or regular bills, try one of these alternatives to typical quick lending solutions.