4-Year-Old Boy & His 7-Year-Old Sister Are Skateboarding & Surfing Whiz Kids!

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Most four and seven year old’s are playing with action figures and dolls, but that is certainly not the case when it comes to these two young phenoms. 

brother sister1

At just four-years-old Ocean and his 7-year-old sister Sky shred on skateboards and surfboards for their personal enjoyment. They don’t just coast around on their boards however, they pull off some seriously insane tricks that are super impressive for their young age! 

Under Hawaiian skies, the siblings simply kill it as they make waves around the web!


On top of all their talent…it is pretty safe to say that these two just look super cool…I mean…let’s face it…they have some seriously awesome style going on for a couple of elementary school kids!

brother sister2

Their Facebook page, titled ‘Awsmkids‘ is filled with awesome videos and images of their talent filled stunts. 

Instagram recently chose a photo of Sky as one of their most favorite photo’s of all time. (See below).

brother sister4

These two kids are ones you are going to watch closely, because there is no doubt that these two are going places. Their personalities are larger than life and their skill level is far beyond their age!

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