4-Year-Old’s Dream Of Becoming A UPS Driver Comes True In The Best Way

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4-year-old Carson developed an incredible friendship with a UPS driver he calls Mr. Ernie. Carson is fascinated by the UPS employee’s job, and Mr. Ernie is his lifelong role model.

It all started when Carson was a baby, and was unable to drink anything with milk protein. Carson’s parents had to order a special kind of formula, which Mr. Ernie brought to the family home a few times a week. These frequent visits helped the boy form a strong bond with the delivery driver, to the point where he would eagerly await his arrival.

One day, little Carson received an amazing surprise. Mr. Ernie pulled up in his van and made Carson’s wish of delivering packages come true.

(Source: UPS)

I love that he has his own little uniform and delivery route. I definitely would have loved to own a sweet electric van like that when I was a kid.