4-Yr-Old’s Prosthetic Leg Was Stolen, So This ‘Shark Tank’ Celebrity Decided To Make Things Right

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When pro dancer Kym Johnson and “Shark Tank” panelist Robert Herjavec first met on Dancing With The Stars, they never imagined what the future would bring. The duo grew closer during their time together, starting as friends before realizing there was a mutual attraction. They began to date and kept their relationship going even after they were sent home from the competition.

Herjavec and Johnson announced their engagement in March, and were finally married on July 31st.


But the couple didn’t rush off to their honeymoon. The morning after their big day, Herjavec decided to do something truly wonderful for a deserving little boy in need, named Liam.

Liam was born without a fibula and had his leg amputated when he was only 1-year-old. While he was at the beach with his family, someone decided to steal the now 4-yr-old’s prosthetic leg while Liam was enjoying the waves. When he returned from the water, his leg had disappeared without a trace. Herjavec heard about what happened and hosted a party for little Liam. He even bought Liam a new Ghost Buster’s themed prosthetic leg!


Not only did Herjavec help the little guy feel special, but he went another step further and invited someone the boy could look up to; an Iraq war Veteran Noah Galloway who had lost two limbs in an explosion. Herjavec wanted Liam to feel he could do anything he set his mind to, and you can tell that the gesture meant more than anything to the little boy.


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