41 Easy, Creative And Tasty Christmas Treats That You Can Make Right At Home!

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Who doesn’t love a tasty Christmas treat?  Below you will find 41 creative and tasty treats you can make for your family and friends this holiday season.  Get creative and try something different this year.  Enjoy those happy taste buds! 🙂



Penguin Bites  – Made with nutter butters!

Elf Rice Krispie Treats – these totally look like little elf hats!

Santa Nutter Butter Cookies – I totally don’t need to say any more!

Christmas Crack  – You won’t believe how easy it is to make this festive recipe!

Christmas Tree Brownies  – All you need is a wedge pan and green frosting!

Fudge Inside Cookie Cutters  – What a cute way to gift fudge!  Inside a cookie cutter!

Snowman Cookies  – Sugar cookies couldn’t be any easier to decorate.

Buck-Eye Brownie Cookies  – The best mix of chocolate and peanut butter!




Cookie Butter  – It’s a spreadable cookie – delish!

Holiday Mug Cake – You can enjoy your own cake, in a mug!

Pretzel Reindeer  – This Christmas cookie recipe is super easy and chocolatey to make!

Snowman Bark  – What a cute way to decorate your bark!

Create Pretzel Log Cabins  – Who wants to have a gingerbread house, when you can have a log cabin?




Sleeping Snowman in Hot Coco  – Relax along with your snowman, in a mug of coco!

Angel Pretzel Pops  – What a cute crossover from a cookie and a pretzel!

Pecan Pie Cookies  – Like Pecan pie?  Try these cookies!  Even better.



Star Studded Sugar Cookies  – a tried and true Sugar cookie recipe!

Snowflake Cookies – These are almost too pretty to eat!

Strawberry and Cream Santas  – the easiest healthy treat!

Snowman Truffles – What a cute way to decorate truffles!

Snowman Donut Pops  – How easy to make a Christmas treat.  Put donuts on a stick as a snowman.

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Grinch Cupcakes  – super easy and fun!  Sure to ward off the grinch from your Christmas party!

Reindeer Bites – made from hotdogs and biscuits!

Santa Topped Cheesecake Bites  – Super simple and these are yummy!

Oreo Pops  – Want something “fancy” and fun but don’t have time?  These take seconds to make.




Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers  – Just use green-dyed, melted white chocolate and pretzels!

Elfy Cupcakes  – Decorate your cupcakes with elf hats.

Healthy Grinch Fruit Snack  – Green apples just got a grin with this Holiday snack idea!

Chocolate Covered Cherries  – YUM!  Brownie covered cherries!  They are as good as you could imagine.

Edible Melting Snowman – in playdough form!

Stained Glass Cookies  – Super fun to make. Use jolly ranchers next time!




Peppermint Bark  – the layers in this bar are super tasty.

Grinch Cookies  – A new staple on your holiday cookie table.

Snowman Recipes and Ideas for the Christmas Cookie Plate

Christmas Tree Cookies – Decorating the tree gets a whole new meaning with these cookies.

Peppermint Stick Mice  – ADORABLE!!

Peppermint Patties  – Easy to make and addictive!

Marshmallow Top Hats  – Transform a marshmallow into a top hat with this tutorial.

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