48 Old-Fashioned Skills That Kids Need To Know TODAY!

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Life has certainly changed quite drastically over the last 25-years. Technology has taken over and the children of today are spending — wasting — more and more time on electronic devices and while not learning anything of much value. While there is an upside to being technologically savvy, there is also a great downside to spending too much time using today’s tech.

The problem with today’s youth, is they need some good old fashioned skills! Life skills that seem to have been lost over the years and pushed to the side. These simple ‘old fashioned skills’ can do wonders for the youth of today!

As a parent of teenagers, myself — I can totally understand how these simple skills could get lost easily. It’s very important that kids today understand how to do simple tasks, like cook for themselves, run a laundry machine or just fix something simple, that may be broken.

Kids certainly know how to watch or interact with others via tech — text, social media, etc…but do they have the confidence and know how to simply walk up to someones door, knock and say hello? It’s little things like this that are truly important life.

Here are 48 old-fashioned life skills that the children of today need to know! 

1. How to write a letter

2. How to make a phone call

3. How to take down a message

4. How to get to get to know an older person

5. How to play with a baby

6. How to sew a button or sew a tiny rip

7. How to genuinely apologize

8. How to read slowly and retain the information

9. How to hammer a nail and use basic tools

10. How to shake hands

11. How to introduce yourself

12. How to make eye contact

13. How to take notice of the needs of others around you

14. How to scramble an egg

15. How to balance a check book and write a check

16. How to see a job through to completion

17. How to interview for a job

18. How to write a proper thank you note

19. How to do laundry

20. How to garden and plant

21. How to fix something, instead of replacing it

22. How to plan out a healthy meal

23. How to properly hang a picture or shelf

24. How to wash dishes, without a dishwasher

25. How to make a budget

26. How to save for something

27. How to check tire pressure and put air in a tire

28. How to pump gas

29. How to read a map

30. How to find a book in a library

31. How to seek the help from someone more experienced

32. How to properly care for a pet

33. How to care for others, be kind and loving

34. How to admit fault and correct mistakes made

35. How to set the table

36. How to iron clothing

37. How to trust

38. How to weigh out the pros and cons of a situation

39. How to have good table manners

40. How to always say please and thank you

41. How to read a recipe and then make it

42. How to do something well, even if no one is watching. Have pride in your work

43. How to take a break from electronic devices and do something more constructive

44. How to be creative, write, play music, draw, paint, etc

45. How to use a vacuum and broom

46. How to use a shovel, rake and lawn mower

47. How to start a campfire (safely and properly)

48. How to have RESPECT for all living things

This list could certainly go on and on and I’m sure many of you could add to this list with ease! We live in an entirely different world right now and it’s very important that the parents of today teach the youth of today, how to be respectful, kind and self sufficient humans!