5 Advantages Of Owning A Golf Cart

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Owning a golf cart puts you one step up from other players who don’t have one and maybe struggle to even rent one. To be convinced whether it’s a good idea for you, here are 5 advantages that come through ownership.

1. Freedom of Movement

While you can certainly stroll across the golf course and consider it part of your daily exercise routine, it can tucker you out if you’re regularly hitting the links. Some courses have been designed to take advantage of the expansive terrain and don’t shirk at using all of the available lands. As such, these courses demand more from your body to get around them. If you’re not as fit as you once were or you’ve added a few extra pounds, it may become a bit much.

Golf carts aren’t just for use on the golf courses alone either. Some golf carts are even street legal and can be driven around the neighborhood too. To find out how this is true, learn what makes one street legal here.

2. Enjoying the Course More

As we touched on before, expansive courses have become commonplace now. If you find that you’re spending more time walking on the course and between holes than you are playing the game, that can take the enjoyment out of golf. You may even find yourself avoiding playing on certain courses and making excuses to friends because they’re just too large to be comfortable. Add to your enjoyment by taking the strain out of it with a golf cart and get your real exercise in the weight room.

3. Better Time Management

If you’re like many golfers, you’re continually pressed for time. But if you’re an avid golfer, you’ll be glued to the weather report to see when you can fit in another round. Even on days when you have a board meeting in the afternoon, it may be possible to dash to the golf course and fit in 9 holes or possibly even eighteen before heading back to the office. But that’s harder to achieve if you’re having to walk everywhere. When golfing with a golf cart, it cuts down on the time required to get the round completed. If you’re playing with anyone and they can share the cart, they won’t slow you down either.

4. Great for Making Quick Trips

If you like taking quick trips to the store but finding parking is a pain with the automobile, then will the golf cart be any better? For many people, it’s the perfect street-legal vehicle to use for trips to the store and back. Unlike with the car, you won’t be worrying about mileage or wear and tear either. Plus, accidental scratches don’t cause as much heartbreak from bad parking by other drivers either.

5. Great Miles to the Gallon (or Go Eco Friendly)

The typical gas-guzzling golf cart can still give you up to 30 MPG, so it’s more economical than you might think. That’s way better than most vehicles can achieve on short trips. Of course, an electric cart is better for the environment and it’s even more economical too. It also won’t require as much periodical maintenance, like checking the oil levels. But either way, golf carts can be a cheaper way to make short trips.

Owning a golf cart is a luxury item for a golfer, just like hiring a caddy is too. But these kinds of upgrades to your golfing game add considerably to its convenience and satisfaction, and they can improve your game too. So, don’t dismiss it out of hand. When you play golf regularly, your own golf cart is something to strive for. Then you can relax between holes and focus on improving your handicap.