5 Cleaning Tips For Windows

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Windows are the most essential part of your house. It is very important to clean them thoroughly to enhance their beauty and sustainability. Cleaning the windows can remove dirt and dust from the interior as well as exterior sides. Though the exterior side might get tricky sometimes, but there are multiple DIYS and tricks to do it properly without any hassle.

1. Choose the right day

On a sunny day, having high sunlight can cause delays in your cleaning time. Strong rays can make the cleaner dry out really soon before you can clean it properly or wipe it out. It’s best to clean your windows on a cloudy day. Also, a cloudy day can make the stains and scratches more visible, which can result in better cleaning.

2. Effective cleaners

Cleaners play a great role in your cleaning agenda. A cleaner that is not effective can waste your efforts and damage the glass too, which can certainly cost you a lot more than investing in a professional window spray. Thus, it is always advisable to spend wisely on your window cleaners. There is a wide range of cleaners available in the market which are according to the weather, type of glass and the requirement of cleaning. Just go and choose the best cleaner which fits your window type and needs. You can get more information about it on klarwindows.co.uk/double-glazed-windows.

3. Remove curtains before cleaning

If you are planning a complete cleaning session that will result in flawless windows and a clean window frame, it is very important that you take off the curtains or blinds. Bare windows can give you more space to reach every corner and clean them properly. Often, we only focus on the glass and forget to clean the window frame, which in the end does not satisfy us.

4. Choose the right cloth

Most people are clueless about which cloth or rag must be used to clean the windows. We already know that cleaning anything which is made of glass with any rough or scaly fabric can cause scratches and damage to the glass. But what is the best rag to clean the shiny glass windows? It is probably any towel that is extremely soft and low-lint. Also, microfiber cloths work great. Also, you can simply use a wet newspaper if you could not find any of the above.

5. Invest in a mop

Living in a world of technology, sometimes an easy task becomes easier by taking help from an appliance or accessory. Investing in a window mop can decrease the amount of time required to do the cleaning, as well as give perfect results. We often clean the glass to our height level but fail to do it from above. Having long windows or glass doors can cause this problem regularly. It is advised to use a mop that can reach that height and cover the entire space.