5 Consequences Of Underage DUI

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Drunk driving claims so many lives in a year. Statistics show that automobile accidents  related to drugs are high in teenage drivers. As a teenager, you may not have much experience with alcohol; thus, you exercise less caution as you drive when drunk.

As a result, you put so many people in danger when you’re drunk and behind the steering wheel. That’s why DUI is tougher on teenagers than adults. Besides, you’ll also face charges for underage drinking. The minimal alcohol level in the blood can even result in license suspension.

Most states have set 21 as the minimum drinking age. If your BAC is above 0.05, you can get arrested for underage drunk driving.

Penalties You Could Face from Drunk Driving

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  1. Fines

Most states have a zero-tolerance law, which involves heavy penalties for teenage DUI. The costs are class one misdemeanor and remain in the teenager’s records.  If you’re a first-time teenager, you can even end up paying over $4000 in fines.

Once your driver’s license gets reinstated, the court will monitor you. It may call for installation of the ignition interlock device in your car. Moreover, you will cater for all the installation fees.

  1. Loss of driver’s license

As part of the zero-tolerance for teenage DUI, you will lose driving privileges. The driver’s license suspension lasts between one and three months. The case is worse if you’re below 16 years old. You’ll completely lose your driving license until you’re 17 years old.

  1. Jail time

Driving under the influence of alcohol often results in misdemeanor charges. As a first-time teenager DUI, you’ll get a free pass on this unless you have caused an accident. Nashville DUI attorney can assist when you have an accident, and the casualty was put into a serious condition.

However, recurrent underage drunk driving results in six or more months in prison. As an upcoming career person, it could affect your opportunities. Often, bad records significantly impact future advancement in education and employment opportunities.

  1. Impoundment of your automotive

The court could decide to impound your car or motorcycle. It does not require the installation of ignition interlock devices. The court instead offers a conditional driver’s license. The court provides it to teenagers whose distance from home to school or work is far. Thus, you’ll have to drive while going to school or work. You may, therefore, get a conditional driver’s license. You will get approval to travel to particular locations. But, you get prohibited from driving to any other places beyond the stated area. If you need assistance with your DUI case, you can reach out to a Nashville DUI attorney.

  1. Probation

As an underage DUI, you may result in a probation period of about three to five years. During the period, the court may order you to go through a diversion program. It includes those related to drug and alcohol education class. If you had a high BAC level, you would have to undergo an inpatient alcohol treatment program.

Final Thought

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There are many punishments for underage DUI defendant. For this reason, it is advisable to reach out to a lawyer and get to know your options.