5 Crucial Tips For Surviving In Conan Exiles

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Conan Exiles is a game that’s all about survival, and for that, not everyone has the heart for playing it. You spend the first few hours into the game in raw combat, search endlessly for materials and then struggle hard to survive in the game. It is not always an easy start, especially for newbies. So, if you plan on going on this adventure, here are some very important tips to help you survive longer in Conan Exiles.


  1. Study The Map

The most important thing to do before you can survive in this game is to know your way around the map and understand everything concerning locations. You should learn how to find resources and animals to help you survive. There are also places on the map you need to stay away from, like the Unnamed City. When you stay away from this place early in the game, it helps increase your chances of survival.


  1. Start Combat Early

Even though you might be thinking this isn’t a good idea, it works. Taking part in the combat areas early on in the game allows you to get experience in it. For every beast you defeat, you will be awarded experience points that will quickly raise your level. You also get points in your stats that will aid you in climbing higher and surviving the game. However, you won’t get the game right when you kill other players early in the game. You will become a target because other players will distrust you, and this could cause the player to get killed easily.


  1. Hoard Materials

When you start playing, you need to realize that everything you lay your hands on is valuable. You can’t afford to mismanage them, especially resources. You never know exactly when you may need them desperately. If you toss things away, you may end up needing to look for the items again to collect. It doesn’t matter if you are holding on to something you think you don’t need at the moment; it will come in handy later on in the game. This is one important rule most successful players follow. They keep chests close by with lots of items they have procured.


  1. Make Allies

You can hardly survive without the help of allies in Conan Exiles. Even though most times it pays to work alone tackling the beasts and moving on your journey, you can’t take on the whole world alone. As you keep playing, you would notice that players need certain items to build bigger and better objects. You can ally with other players by helping them with these materials. They will also come through for you in times of need. Allies are needed when you need craft materials, and they also help provide some defense when fighting beasts. While you are looking to make allies, you should also be wary because Conan Exiles is a PVP game which means good allies could turn enemies at any time.


  1. Produce Steel Quickly

Steel is an important resource you will need throughout the game. You will need it as a weapon against wild beasts and also to build your armor. Steel also helps increase your game strength by making you more powerful. It takes a lot to produce this steel in the game, and you will need to heat a lot of ironstones in the furnace to get iron bars eventually. After this, you then mix tar with brimstone to get your steel fire. When you combine the iron bars made with the steel fire, you will get your steel. You need to reach level 10 to get the steel for your survival.


  1. Use a Gaming Server

Conan Exiles is a game with high-quality graphics, and if you want to enjoy playing it, you would need a hosting service that works fine. Many gaming servers are available for Conan Exiles, and some options are quite pricey, like the AGS Hosting and LOW.MS servers. Still, they allow you to make some advanced modifications to enable smooth gameplay.  It can actually be tricky to choose a great Conan Exiles server,  so it’s best to read reviews first before picking one.

On a final note, we hope the tips mentioned in this article will help you while you enjoy playing this exciting game.