5 Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Like New

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Your bathroom is a room where you’ll go to relax and unwind, but the problem is, if it doesn’t look great, you may not want to spend much time in there. It’s easy for bathrooms to start to look dated after a few years, and they are usually pretty costly to replace. If you can’t afford a full renovation, here’s how to make an old bathroom look like new with just a few tweaks.

  1. Learn to tile

The right tiling can make a huge difference to your bathroom. If you have a dated design or don’t like your current tile color, then you may want to consider installing some new tiles. While that may sound like a daunting job, it’s easier than you may think if you have the patience and hire the right tools, and you’ll no doubt feel proud when you see your newly tiled room. You could even consider doing the floor if you feel confident.

Tiles simply looking a little grubby? They may simply need re-grouting, which can be a bit of a tedious job but leaves your bathroom looking much fresher.

  1. Replace your shower screen

If your shower screen is moldy or infested with limescale that you just can’t remove, or you’ve only got a cheap shower curtain, then it may be time to splash out, so to speak, on a shower screen. A Perth glazier can create a bespoke glass shower screen that’ll fit the space perfectly, so you get floor to ceiling protection from water when you shower. A new shower screen can instantly brighten up a bathroom and make a small space seem larger too.

  1. Add a big mirror

Want to cover an ugly patch of wall, or want to make your bathroom feel more spacious? A big mirror is an inexpensive way to do both these things, and if you add lighting, you have a great place to do your make up in the morning. Mirrors look clean and modern, so add a contemporary touch to your bathroom.

  1. Replace or polish your fixtures

Over time, items from your towel rail to toilet roll holder can look a little rusty and tired. It’s worth replacing these things if they are particularly old, and it can make a big difference to your room for minimal cash, but simply giving them a polish may be enough. Polishing stainless steel is easy and instantly makes your bathroom look shiny and new, without the big price tag.

  1. Give it a deep clean

Never underestimate how much difference a deep clean can make. Consider getting a professional in to completely overhaul your bathroom, leaving it sparkling and looking new. You can also do it yourself with a few materials like bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar. It’s also worth hiring a steam cleaner if you can, as this is an excellent way of getting into all the dirty corners in your bathroom. Just make sure it’s safe to use on different surfaces.