5 Foods You Have To Eat In Greece

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There are many reasons as to why Greece is my all-time favorite holiday destination and the number one reason is the food. I mean there is much to love about this place, the scenery, the people, the hospitality, not to mention the hotels, check this one out for example. But beyond all of this, it is the food that never fails to blow me away. If you are visiting Greece then there are some dishes which you simply have to try and here are my top 5 faves. 


Given the climate in Greece, the thought of a warming and hearty meal may not be top of your list of priorities but when it comes to Moussaka you are going to welcome it with open arms. A lasagne-esque dish which is made using lamb mince that is layered with aubergines, flavored with garlic and local spices and topped with béchamel sauce and gooey cheese. A delicious dish which leaves you full and happy. 


Something which the  Greeks do incredibly well is cooking meat on charcoal grills and on spits, and one of my all-time favorite snacks is souvlaki which is barbecued pork. The pork is delicious and they serve it in a warm pitta with a small dollop of tzatzki, some fresh cucumber, tomatoes, and red onion. 


Greek food is generally pretty healthy but there are some dishes which will allow you to explore your naughtier side, and saganaki is certainly one of them. This is a dish which is made using sheep’s milk cheese which is fried and flambéed in a block, served alongside some freshly cut bread. The dish is served as a starter which is great because a bigger portion than that and you will be literally gaining the pounds with each bite. 


A street food staple here in Greece is gyros which is a combination of beef and minced lamb which is cooked on a rotisserie spit. The meat is heavily seasoned and then trimmed off and served inside a pitta wrap. More often than not the wrap is dressed with oil, tzatziki or a creamy dressing, with some fresh salad and some french fries. This is a tasty dish which is both cheap and very filling. 


Baklava can be found throughout the Arabic world and Greece is also a nation which loves this sweet dessert. Baklava differs from region to region but generally in Greece you’ll find it made using a mixture of honey, filo pastry and ground nuts which is slowly cooked and then served in small portions, delicious when drizzled with extra honey and some fresh Greek yoghurt. You can eat this as a snack or to finish off your meal, in either case, it is absolutely delicious. 

Do you love Greek food? Which is your favorite dish? Let us know in the comments section below.