5 Homemade Natural Hair Pomades To Shape A Killer Hairstyle On New Year’s Eve

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Your hair is of the untameable type? Despairing about your appearance on the craziest night? Don’t worry, here are some useful suggestions for you: natural, home-made pomades for sculpting and modeling your wild mane. All you need are some easy to find ingredients and simple tools from the kitchen.

The excessive use of hair gels that are mostly alcohol-based makes your hair dry and brittle. This is why pomades with natural oils are a better option, especially if you have noticed an increase in hair falling.

Hair falling and hair loss are two different things. A certain quantity of hair fall naturally. An increase can be due to aggressive hairstyle products, stress, bad diet and the like. But this can be mended, while hair loss is permanent and requires something more. One interesting solution is offered by Biofibre® baldness remedies, with the implant of artificial hair that looks absolutely natural.

As a first step, if your hair has been falling more than usual, try to replace gels with one of these simple recipes and take note of the effects.

Solution n.1: wax pomade.

If you have access to a beekeeper, you can buy richly yellow unrefined wax, smelling of honey. If that scent is too strong for you, buy white wax instead. Use about 6 oz. (175 gr.) of wax and 4 oz (125 gr.) each of jojoba oil and shea butter. Melt them together in a double boiler. That can be a simple pyrex bowl placed in a saucepan of boiling water. You can use this makeshift system for all the other recipes too.

Add a tablespoon of arrowroot powder or corn starch for consistency and a tablespoon of vitamin E. Some drops of your favourite essential oils for the desired fragrance. Do not FRY the mixture! Heat the oils gently, just enough to melt the wax, stir in the other ingredients and whip the concoction well with hand whip or an electric mixer. Result: a creamy and scented pomade with a rather stronghold. For a softer hold, use half the quantity of wax and add 2 oz more shea butter.

Source: https://www.onecrazymom.com/

Solution n. 2: bentonite clay pomade.

The solid agent here is provided by 1 oz (28 gr.) of coconut butter. Add 1.4 ozt (40 gr.) of bentonite clay for texture. Top it all with 01 oz (2 gr) of shea butter for smoothness and your favourite essential oil(s) for scent. Melt the vegetable butter together, pour them on the clay powder in an adequate container, add the scents and mix well. Clay is the choice for a matte look.

Solution n. 3: soy wax pomade. An easy peasy vegan creamy concoction. Heat and mix well 12 oz soy wax (* pastilles are easy to find as candle-making supplies), 6 oz coconut oil, 6 oz castor oil and the usual few drops of essential oil for scent. Tip: you can use it for chapped hands and lips too, it is perfectly safe.

Solution n. 4: castor oil and cocoa butter pomade.  This is an extremely simple one, with only the essential oils of favour added to the mixture of two oils, keeping the proportion of 1 part cocoa butter per 4 parts castor oil. Heating/melting and stirring as in the other recipes. The advantage of this pomade is to give special shine and softness to your hair, similar to a “wet” look. Very nourishing too.

Solution n. 5: aloe vera hair pomade. This one does not need heating and is very creamy, with the added healing boost of the aloe vera gel (use 0.5 oz of it). Mix it with a spoon with the other ingredients: 6 oz shea butter, 0.5 oz coconut oil, half a tablespoon liquid glycerin. As usual, some drops of your favourite essential oil and you are good to go.