WATCH | 5 Extraordinary Humans With Real Super Powers!

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In this incredible video you will see five amazing humans who have found super human abilities that most of us would say are impossible.

The first is a man also know as “Ice Man“, he can do unbelievable things in frigid temperatures and holds many records in that category.

The second person had Retinal Cancer as a baby and had both eyes removed, he lives a normal life by using echo location where he clicks his tongue and registers how far objects are from him.

The third person is known as “Zamora the torture King“.  He does deep piercing by putting pins in odd places in his body.

The fourth person is known as the “Human Calculator”  He can calculate math faster than most can with a calculator.

The fifth person didn’t say his first word until he was 9 yrs old, but has a memory like no other, watch the video and see what he remembers.