5 Low Budget DIY Swimming Pool Hacks For Your Backyard To Fully Enjoy The Summertime

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In the next couple of months, summertime will be upon our doorstep and although basking in the bright sunshine beats having to stay indoors to protect ourselves from the cold and chilly winter, we need to find ways to stave off the heat and avoid boredom!

What sounds better than chilling by the poolside with family and friends, while that barbeque pit is doing its thing, and music is playing in the background? Sure, you can head to a community pool, but wouldn’t it be better if you had your very own, at home? For those that have some ample space in their backyard or garden, has it crossed your mind to build your own pool?

Fear not, because it’s not as hard and complicated as it seems! Building your own backyard pool is totally doable, without having to break the bank. Here are 5 DIY swimming pool project hacks that will totally up your summer game.

Choose the one that best fits your lifestyle, and get inspired!

1. How about hitting two birds with one stone?

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While installing your outdoor swimming pool, you can also add in a wooden deck! This cost and time efficient idea is perfect to catch the sun’s rays all around your pool. This brilliant hack is just buying a normal kid’s swimming pool and building a wooden deck around it. Check out the step-by-step instructions below for more information.


2. Ever thought of converting your old dumpster into a pool?

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Get inspired with this DIY by up cycling your old dumpster into an amazing and refreshing swimming pool. You’ll get the perfect pool size without having to do much, and guess what? It’s already been waterproofed for your convenience. All you’ll need is some wood and another waterproof fabric, and you’re good to go. Check out the step-by-step instructions at the bottom of this article.


3. Got any bales of hay lying around?

Source: http://cdn.goodshomedesign.com/

This DIY version creates a very natural look for your future pool in a rectangular shape. If you’ve got bales of hay lying around near your property, then this pool hack is the one for you! Scroll down and check out the instructions below for more information.


4. Who would’ve thought you could have a swimming pool made out of wooden pallets?

Source: https://cdn.easypalletideas.com/

Here’s the perfect hack to install your very own pool without breaking the bank. All you need are wooden pallets and a waterproof fabric, without sacrificing the look of your pool and garden! Check out these easy DIY instructions below.


5. Do you want a natural water spring look in your backyard?

Source: http://www.whitehouse51.com/

This last exceptional project is to achieve that natural pool look right in your backyard. Dig the space you want to assign for the pool and place a waterproof felt. Next, decorate the area with naturally sized rocks big enough to be seated on. Don’t forget to tile the pool! For the complete instructions and tutorial, scroll down below.


Which DIY hack works out best for you?



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