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The four words that get fun started are as follows: Gel Blaster TacToys Australia. For instance, gel blasters are the modern-day version of water balloon guns where the water balloon is actually a miniature gel capsule. These capsules are loaded into the guns via a magazine or capsule bottle. Once they are in the gun, they are stored in a hopper and fed into a shooting mechanism capable of full-automatic firing rates. This means when you are the target, you better run–fast. Although the gel blasters are based on the same overall idea, not all gel capsule guns are the same. That said, they always deliver the same degree of fast-and-furious fun.

1. M4A1 V8 – Gel Blaster (top seller)

This assault-rifle look-a-like offers you a sturdy gun capable of firing capsules at 250 feet per second (fps). The gun, itself, is made of highly durable ABS plastic capable of withstanding being dropped or banged against objects as you are running and ducking for cover. In fact, the ABS plastic is used in a variety of high-precision toys, such as gel blasters, so moving parts, such as safety switches and magazine locks will not fail. Because it can withstand heat, if you are outside in scorching temperatures, this gun will not warp or fail.

Features include a front sight and a removable scope. Additionally, it comes with safety glasses and a USB charging cable.

2. Desert Eagle V2

This 50 caliber powerhouse is ready for full-on war. It is of the same size as its gun-powder powered counterpart. However, unlike the real version, this fires in automatic mode like a machine gun. Consequently, your targets do not stand a chance.

It can fire accurately up to 20 meters, and the capsules leave the muzzle at approximately 150 fps. The 7.4 V lithium battery will keep it powered through multiple campaigns, the accompanying safety glasses keep your eyes protected. In terms of safety, the trigger is manufactured in a bright orange ABS, ensuring everyone else knows it is a toy.

3. M97 Shotgun with Hopper

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If you prefer to shoot from the hip, this shotgun features a tactical barrel and a pistol grip, allowing you to simply point and shoot without having to bring it up to your shoulder. Additionally, like traditional shotguns, this one simulates slugs or buckshot. For slugs, simply give the gun a pump, and it will load and shoot one capsule. For buckshot, pump while holding it at an angle, and it will load five capsules, which will be shot all at once.

Finally, unlike pistols and submachine guns, this shoots at 280 to 300 fps without having an upgraded battery, making it one of the fastest guns on the market. Simply put, this type of speed makes for happy shooting.

4. Claymore Gel Ball Mine

Most of your battles will involve shooting at someone and being shot at. However, for combat games involving traps and trickery, this gel claymore mine offers you the ability to set traps rigged with trip wires. If someone trips the wire, they are bombarded by hundreds of gel capsules. Needless to say, for that person, it is game over.

Because trip wires might not always work, you can also trigger this mine with a remote control. All you have to do is maintain watch over the mine (from a safe distance). When the enemy approaches–bam!

To ensure the mine is always ready to go, it comes with a USB charging cable. In terms of loading the mine, the capsules load through the front via a simple slide hatch.

5. HK416D V2 Gel Blaster

Source: https://forum.gelblasterforum.com/

If you want to get started in your gel-blasting competitions, this kit has everything you need. First and foremost, it comes with a HK416D V2 Gel Ball Blaster. The HK416D blaster fires accurately up to 25 meters, and the capsules travel at speeds up to 250 fps. If that is not fast enough for you, you can upgrade the battery to achieve another 50-percent firing rate, bringing the top speed to 375 fps.

Accessories include a high-speed battery upgrade for faster firing and a metal butterfly sling. Holographic sights will help you zero in on your target, and the fish-bone grip will ensure it does not slip from your hands as you race through the woods, jumping over obstacles. Finally, it comes with safety goggles and a nylon case with dual handles.