5 Of The Most Damaging Words That Can Ruin Your Relationship

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Words are powerful and they can certainly do a lot of damage if they are not used correctly…especially when it comes to relationships.

As you are building your relationship and becoming closer, if it is possible you should avoid using these 5 most damaging types of words that could ruin your relationships:


Swear words

Many times we feel the need to say something, but swearing will not help you by any means. You have avoided the most possible solution that your partner or a family could offer because the damage has been done. Even though, you did not have an intention, you hurt her or them, and by that, you are creating another problem out of a problem. So, you are not just messing on your job, but you are on the brink of ruining your relationship.

Comparison of two

The most usual thing is comparing. Also, it is an easy access to be convenient in any way (prices, clothing, accommodation, or a hotel). But, you must not compare your partner to another, or compare your relationship to another. It is not healthy


It is not a good thing to say bad things about your partner to your friends or his friends. As his partner, you should be his constant companion, especially in overcoming his weaknesses. You have to be there to help each other, to build each other, and to truly love each other.

Whining here, blaming there

Literally, you do not care for your partner. You want to complain about everything and put the blame to your other half. This may result with a break-up, if you go on doing that. If you really have something to say, or if there is anything wrong, you should talk to him, and confront him.


If you are in a relationship, you better tell the truth and learn how to accept the fact that you have committed mistakes.If you choose to tell a precious lie, everything will be ruined. The damage has been done, words were told and cannot be changed. It is too late to start all over again.

What can really ruin your relationship is deceit. So, you have to be honest with your partner in all possible ways.


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