5 Proven Methods to Make Your Laptop More Efficient

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You may have the coolest laptop you have ever dreamed about. You can equip it with a dozen of useful and beautiful things, buy the prettiest mouse and keyboard cover but this does not exclude the necessity to upgrade it. Let’s take the most reasonable ways of doing this into account.

Replacing the Processor with a More Powerful One

This procedure is relevant only if its performance is no longer sufficient, but if the laptop is less than 5 years old, then it will cope with most modern applications. It should be noted that this is the most costly upgrade.

Battery Replacement

If the battery charge is not enough for a long time, you can think about replacing. You just need to find out what type of battery is suitable for your model – read about it in the documentation or on the official website of the manufacturer.

Install SSD Hard Drive

Another simple way to upgrade a laptop is to replace an HDD with a solid state drive SSD, or rather, install an operating system, programs, and games on it.  

Extend Memory

The simplest and most common laptop upgrade is to increase the amount of RAM. Usually, the RAM is located under one of the plugs on the underside of the case. But if it’s not there, you’ll have to dismantle the keyboard.

An Alternative Method

For those who do not want to engage in the manual installation, we remind that the laptop is endowed with a large number of different inputs, it is possible to connect a lot of useful external devices to which. For example, you can connect an external hard drive to the USB port. You can connect an external video card that will increase the speed of the laptop in graphics applications or games to Express Slot, which is available on many laptops.


Thus, upgrading the laptop at home is not too difficult. The main thing in this process is the awareness of the goal, calmness, and hands, growing from the right place.