5 Reasons Why The Cost Of Xarelto Is Becoming Cheaper In Canada

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The cost of xarelto has been decreasing in Canada, where the demand for it has risen. Canada is providing their citizens with cheaper prescriptions like Xarelto.

New research indicates that 70% of prescription drugs sold in the US pharmacies’ are manufactured outside of the country and sold up to 87% less in Canada.

Xarelto is a prescription drug for treating and preventing blood clots. It’s a blood thinner that helps reduce the risk of stroke in people with atrial fibrillation and those that have undergone hip or knee replacement surgery.

It isn’t available as a generic and that makes the cost of Xarelto high for most patients. However, there are future plans to manufacture generic rivaroxaban which may cost much less in the current market price.

In Canada, Xarelto’s 20mg tablets are brown-red film coated and round while in the US the 20mg tablets are triangle shaped and dark red film-coated tablets.

They may be different in size but both contain rivaroxaban.

Once prescribed, there are 5 options to help you get your drugs at a cheaper price and save money.


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1. Manufacturers Coupon

A number of manufacturers provide programs that help reduce costs for your prescription though coupons and discounts. Kindly read the patient information about Xarelto coupons. Most individuals ignore them despite having essential rules and restrictions.

Xarelto is available in the strength of 10mg, 15mg and 20mg tablets. It is worth reading the coupons discount instructions to know which strength is discounted.

2. Insurance

A majority of medical insurance plans cover Xarelto drug prescriptions. However, some insurance companies may require patients to submit a prior authorization form. In case your insurance does not cover the drugs, your doctor can help you with an appeal letter to the insurance company.

3. The Xarelto Patient Assistant Program

The program offers patience assistance for uninsured patients. The application forms are available online for download and with the help of your doctor, you can get the drugs either at a discounted rate or absolutely free. For eligibility, a patient provides some personal information and, in most cases, their monthly household income.

4. The 90-Day Supply Save on Cost of Xarelto

Buying in bulk reduces the cost of Xarelto. Fill a 90-day supply rather than the 30-day supply and this will help you reduce the number of trips to the pharmacy. It’s important you get approval from your insurance company for a higher quantity.

5. Use a Savings Card

If commercially insured, a patient can get a savings card and is activated by the doctor online. The patient remits a monthly payment and is subject to the monthly program benefits limits.


Blood Thinning Medication Save Lives

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When your doctor prescribes these drugs, you can go online and compare the prices from different manufacturers as well as the strength of the pill. Talk to your doctor about the cost of Xarelto and they can prescribe an available alternative blood thinning drug.

In case you have allergies or other existing medical conditions that may not interact well with Xarelto feel free to let your doctor know to avoid future complications.

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