5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Replacing The Front Door

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So many US homes right now need a new front door, and yet a lot of the homeowners never even realize it. It’s so easy to forget about the front door or to not even consider it as something that would ever need to be replaced. However, no other door is as important as the front door, and here are five reasons why you should really consider taking another look at that barrier between your home and the outside world.

Security: How Sturdy is the Door?

The front door should, above all else, be particularly sturdy and capable of holding its own against minor burglary/home invasion attempts. It should also be able to last for years without getting worn down by the elements rapidly. The importance of the front door’s sturdiness is directly related to:

  1. The overall safety standards of your neighborhood.
  2. The surrounding weather conditions 

However, if you are looking at a particularly flimsy piece of decorative fiberglass right now, it really is time to get a hardy door replacement. Companies like American Vision Windows can provide a free estimate and appropriate professional advice to help customers find the best door installation or replacement options in accordance with the property’s size, location, external decor, and specific needs. They are a well-established business in Orange County, but they also have branches in various other major areas of California and Arizona.

Appeal: Does It Really Do Your External Decor Justice?

Design and aesthetics are as much a part of modern front doors, as they are a part of everything else. Given that this door pretty much stands as the highlight point of your external decor, consider new door installation ideas if the present one doesn’t really go with the overall design language. Keep in mind that a contrast between the door and the external wall can work too, but only when the change is subtle. Don’t go for something too bold and ignore the eyesore just because you can!

Repair: Is It Falling Apart?

If your door looks and feels like it’s falling apart, it most likely is! Front doors bear the brunt of everything from snow and rain, to the summer heat. Glass cracks and wood rot are quite common, so check for them regularly and act before the door truly starts to fall apart. A rotting or cracked door is not good for home security, nor does it do much for the decor! In most cases, it’s just better to get a door replacement, rather than trying to repair it, especially if the front door has already seen its fair share of years.

Technology: A Smart Door?

Do you need a complete door replacement for installing a new, smart lock? No, you don’t! However, you may need to arrange for a brand-new door installation if the lock system you want to install cannot be fitted onto your present door. This usually happens when the front door is slim, elegant and quite literally made out of glass! If you are going to install a smart lock on your door, do make sure that the lock is supported by something sturdy such as oak or mahogany.

Accessibility: Are there Pets, Older Folks and Children?

Finally, we have accessibility to consider, but those needs are quite variable. Depending on the residents and even their pets, the modifications as mentioned below may become necessary:

  • Widened doorway and no clearance threshold
  • Lever doors which you can open with your elbows
  • Babies and shopping bags are hard to manage simultaneously while trying to open locks, so go with the lever or maybe even a new smart lock as mentioned earlier 
  • Doggie doors

Should You Go with Steel Doors?

In industrial settings, steel can be a good option, but there are residential properties out there that have steel front doors too. If you do choose the alloy, ensure your door is at least painted to look like wood. There are reasons why you should be wary of a steel front door looking like, well, a steel door!

  • Everyone, including burglars, will get an impression that you are protecting something extremely valuable inside
  • It will inspire them to try harder to break in; not the kind of inspiration you buy a front door for!
  • Steel doors are often a mismatched eyesore to deal with, that is, without the right paint job of course
  • In the absence of a good, rust-resistant paint job, steel will begin to rust after a while

In spite of all that, there is no denying the impressive durability and sense of security that only a thick, reinforced steel door can provide to homes. If significant protection is the priority here, steel is right at the top of possible options for door construction materials.