5 Safety Tips When Using A Chainsaw

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Millions of people own a chainsaw for tree felling, bucking, and pruning. While it’s a common tool, it is also very dangerous. Using chainsaws, like every other motor equipment, should involve some safety precautions to ensure that no injury or accidents will happen.

If you don’t follow safety methods when using it, you may end up sustaining serious injuries. Here are some very useful safety tips to know when using a chainsaw.


Wear Chainsaw Safety Equipment

Anyone using a chainsaw must have the right safety equipment. This includes safety helmets, glasses, and even earplugs to protect yourself. When choosing a safety helmet, it is best to get the full face visor that will keep you completely protected and you won’t need to get additional safety glasses.


Inspect the Equipment Before Use

It doesn’t matter if you are the only one who uses the chainsaw, you must examine it before you start the machine. You should check the chainsaw to see that the chain hasn’t dislodged or that none of its parts are broken.


Wear Protective Clothing

Apart from your protective equipment, you also need to wear apparel that will protect you while you work with your chainsaw. Avoid wearing loose clothes because it could lead to an accident. Also, make sure that your protective clothing covers all your body parts and leaves no skin bare. There could be debris flying around and it could cut you if you are not fully covered. You can wear protective clothes like work pants, long-sleeved shirts, a jacket, gloves, and rugged anti-slip chainsaw boots.


Check The Chainsaw for Safety Features

Depending on the type of chainsaw you are using, you need to understand how it works. Some chainsaws use gas motors or electricity. Normally, it will have features like a kickback guard, chain brake, or a throttle lock to control the machine’s running speed. Some chainsaws have a chain catcher to prevent the chain from breakage or derailing.

All these features will depend on the model you have. If you don’t have a chainsaw yet, Sawinery has a list of some of the good models in the market.


Do Regular Maintenance 

You must do regular maintenance when using motor equipment like a chainsaw. Even if you have no use for it, you will need to inspect and maintain it at least once a year. You can do the maintenance work yourself or hire a professional to do it. You must carry out this maintenance every year to ensure that the chainsaw is working properly and also replace or fix parts that may be broken. All the safety functions need to run properly, to avoid any injuries when you eventually use the machine. Part of the maintenance done on chainsaws to improve its performance is a tune-up. You will need to replace the oil and also lubricate the necessary parts. The blades of the saw need to be sharpened so it can work properly.



Chainsaws help get the tasks done but at the same time, your safety is more important. Always take precautions when using your chainsaw to avoid injuries. If you are planning on replacing your chainsaw or you need to buy one, remember these safety tips at all times.