5 Secret Addicting Games On The Internet That You Never Knew Existed

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It isn’t hard to find games online, but there are some prominent websites that have games you won’t easily find on your own. They’re little secret Easter Egg games that are extremely entertaining ways to waste your time.

Here are 5 secret games that exist in your favorite apps and websites:

1. Chrome’s Offline Dinosaur Game


Starting the game is simple: when the dinosaur pops up and breaks the news that there isn’t an internet connection, press the space bar. The dinosaur automatically begins to race forward across the landscape. Hit the space bar again to jump over the cacti and to avoid the pterosaurs that come later on.

2. Google’s Zerg Rush


If you do a search for the term on Google (Zerg Rush), the action comes to life as a horde of Os attack the search result page. The only way to defeat them before they can eat all of the text on the page is to quickly click on them individually. Move fast, because just like a rush of Zergs in StarCraft, you’re severely outnumbered.

3. Facebook Messenger’s Basketball


Using the Facebook Messenger app, send a friend the basketball emoji, then click on it. It opens into a fun little basketball game where you swipe up on the ball to shoot, seeing how many baskets in a row you get. You and a friend take turns, seeing who can get the highest score.

4. Facebook Messenger’s Chess


For more dignified FB Messenger users who want a bigger challenge than the basketball game, simply send “@fbchess play” to a friend to start a game of chess. The opponent goes first and the game proceeds as normal until someone gets a checkmate or it gets to the point where it just seems easier to call off the friendship than continue with the game.

5. Google Image’s Atari Breakout


For some retro fun, simply go to Google Images and type in “Atari Breakout.” The search result screen morphs into a version of the classic 1976 game, with colorful blocks of different sizes. Using the arrow keys, the player moves the paddle back and forth, hitting the ball into the bricks until they have all been removed. You get four lives per game, should the ball fall past the paddle. The game also features all the classics beeps and boops for sound effects, which can be muted if that’s not your thing.


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