5 Signs Of Biker Rings You Should Know About

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Many people think that biker rings are something large, heavy, and flashing intimidating images. While this definition isn’t exactly wrong, jewelry for bikers is much more than a certain size and look. In fact, there is philosophy and culture standing behind these body ornaments. Let us show you five distinguishing signs of biker jewelry in general and rings in particular that will help you easily tell the real thing from an imitation.


1. Made of Silver

While regular men don’t mind wearing gold, motorcyclists took another direction for their trinkets. They prefer silver as well as metals and alloys that look like it. If they wear gold, it is white gold. The reason for this fashion choice is simple – because biker rings are heavy and massive, they would cost a fortune if they were made of the yellow precious metal. Besides, gold conducts a sense of luxury and extravaganza but these concepts are alien to motorcycle riders. They prefer something more simple, durable, and cheaper. Silver fits the bill perfectly. Plus, it is a noble metal, and its nobility emphasizes the notion of bikers as modern knights. For those who want to spend even less on jewelry but don’t wish to compromise on sturdiness and visual impact, biker fashion offers steel as a nice alternative to silver.


2. Large for a Reason

So many people believe that biker rings are made large to blend well with the strong physique of motorcycle riders. While this is true to some extent, this is not the main reason why they look the way they look. In fact, there are many reasons for these larger-than-life shapes. First of all, the larger, the more durable. When a motorcyclist spends days on end in a saddle, everything he wears must be strong enough to endure all the rigors. Secondly, rings are a representation of motorcycle clubs and communities riders belong to, and they have to stand out to show respect and dedication. Last but not least, for some time, bikers used their rings as a sort of weapon in fistfights. After knuckle dusters were prohibited in the USA, chunky rings assumed their responsibilities. Therefore, they had to be solid, tough, and good-sized.

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3. Focus on Symbolism

It’s hard to imagine a biker ring without any symbol as a focal point. You probably know that the symbol the entire biker community is crazy about is the skull. But do you know that motorcyclists adore it not because it means death but because it means salvation from death? According to riders, if you have the mark of the death (aka the skull) with you, the death won’t come after you. In a sense, a skull becomes a guardian angel for men on motorcycles. Apart from skulls, biker culture adopted many other symbols, which signify important things for the movement itself and every individual biker in particular. For instance, the Iron Cross is an embodiment of valor, fearlessness, and masculinity. Eagles emphasize the spirit of freedom and independence. Wolves demonstrate the bond between the members of the brotherhood. Flames represent speed and recklessness.


4. Motorcycle Club Insignia

You don’t have to be a biker to wear biker rings. However, there is a category of rings that is available only to the members of certain motorcycle clubs. If you flaunt their jewelry unauthorized, you will get in trouble.

Jewelry carrying MC colors, logos, and slogans can be worn only by the members of these respective clubs. Wearing a ‘branded’ ring when you don’t have the right to do is a sign of disrespect. And if you dared to put on the symbolism of a motorcycle gang, you’d better start writing your will.

You probably know that there are 1% and 99% motorcycle clubs. What you certainly don’t want to do is to wear 1% jewelry when you’re a 99% club member or don’t belong to any club at all. On top of problems with 1% bikers, your fashion choice will certainly be condemned by those who have nothing to do with gangs.


5. Extremely Masculine

Masculinity is an idée fixe of the biker movement. Men on motorcycles position themselves as tough, strong, bold, and manly. Their jewelry should match their look and personality. We have already talked about a king-size certain symbolism in rings but these aspects must be glued together with masculinity. Even products for lady bikers are somewhat masculine. If it is a huge ring studded with rhinestones and adorned with delicate filigree, it can’t be called a biker ring. It doesn’t mean that motorcyclists can’t wear jewelry featuring hearts and flowers but their images can’t be all sweet and sugary. More often then not, hearts coexist with daggers, and roses with sharp pricks and drops of blood.

So, now you know five distinguishing signs of a biker ring. If a size, symbolism, and certain vibe unite in a single item, it becomes a great choice for riders and biker fashion enthusiasts.