5 Simple Random Acts Of Kindness You Can Perform Daily

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Let’s face it, we all love reading about how people have performed a random act of #kindness and we all #love it when a random of kindness comes our way. The true joy however, comes when you yourself perform a random act of kindness for someone else.  Here are a few very simple ways that you can brighten someones day and in turn…it will brighten yours!


1. Leave a little money in the change machine at your local car wash with a little note that reads something to the effect of “Your wash is on me, pay it forward”. It is a wonderful surprise to the person reading the #note and it it encourages them to pass the kindness on.


2. When you are paying for your order at the drive-thru, pay for the person’s order behind you. This random act of #kindness is done quite often, but not often enough. Remember to tell the person working the window to tell the other driver to pass it on!


3. Leave some flowers on someones doorstep, whether you know them or not…just leave them. Make sure you write a nice, positive note too!This will surely brighten up someones day!


4. Call a random number and simply tell the person who answers, you hope they are having an awesome day! This is actually a fun one because you can set little goals, like calling a different state each day, or you can pick a town name and see if every state has the same town too. If someone asks who you are, simply tell them, you called a random number just to wish them an awesome, positive day!

I have done this many times before and it is very interesting because on many occasions I have had lengthy conversations with people and most often people say “Wow, this is so odd, but it made my day…thank you”.


5. Leave a simple random note on someone’s car the next time you are out shopping. You don’t have to leave anything more than just a simple, positive, uplifting note! In the case above,this person was left a little note with $3…just enough for that coffee you may have been craving!

So there you have it, five very simple ways that you can brighten someone’s day! Performing random acts of kindness is rather catchy and addicting once you get going! I was told once, “Don’t let the kindness end with you”, this simply means…pass it on! Enjoy!