5 Things Every Couple Should Figure Out Before The Wedding

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Well done, you already have a diamond engagement ring on your finger. Perhaps you’ve already read one of those great books on marriage by Adam Hamilton of the United Methodist Church. Wedding bells are ringing in your head; you are about to say, Yes, I do! Now it’s time to plan a noteworthy wedding ceremony.

Your wedding day can be phenomenal, satisfying, lovely, and enjoyable. However, if you get it wrong, the day can turn out to be shambolic, unpleasant, hectic, and disappointing. Irrespective of how their wedding day was, some couples end up with a post-wedding depression.

According to Prof. Laura Stafford and Prof. Allison Scott Gordon, in research published in Sage Journals, nearly 50% of the 28 female participants were disheartened after their bridal ceremony. Therefore, couples should figure out these five things to ensure their wedding meets expectations.

Let’s check them out.

1. The Right Wedding Jewelry

While a wedding gown can transform you into a stunning wife-to-be, wedding jewelry is indispensable to polish your bridal appearance. Correct jewelry can complete the perfect wedding dress and add the final touch of sparkle to the blushing bride. The right jewelry shouldn’t upstage your gown and ought to fit your skin tone.

If you live in the United States, a company like Agape Diamonds can help you figure out a nice, reasonably priced, exclusive, and dazzling wedding ring from their comprehensive collection of diamond jewelry with a clean origin. Whether you need a synthetic diamond, a mined diamond, or a selection of simulated diamonds that are indistinguishable from a natural diamond, look no further than Agape Diamonds. Call their warm customer service for more information on lab created diamond engagement rings, custom engagement rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings.

2. A Good Photographer


Who doesn’t want to look back and reminisce about their wedding day? Isn’t part of marriage all about creating good memories that last forever? Sharp photos make it easier to recollect and cherish your wedding memories. Hire the most gifted and skilled professional photographer and videographer you can.

3. A Tight Schedule

All weddings that turn out to be messy, confused, and chaotic have one thing in common: they lack an intense program. Whether your wedding planner is working on a church plan or a traditional plan, you would wish people to describe your big day using the pleasurable adjectives, like lovely, amazing, perfect, and well planned, wouldn’t you? So, figure out how to come up with a robust program that is understandable, realistic, and attainable.

4. A Good Invitation Design

Your invitation card is usually a tiny detail that is more important than many things that go into your wedding planning process. Most people quickly notice and judge your wedding based on little features like the design of your wedding card. Don’t leave anything that looks small until the last minute. For Methodists, the wedding department at Adam Hamilton‘s Church of Resurrection can assist you in designing a beautiful invitation design that sticks with the theme of your wedding.

5. A Beautiful Game and Music

If one of those who imagine that wedding games are reserved for the reception and the shower, then you are wrong. It is not a bad idea to engage guests in an enjoyable little bridal game as they wait to witness you sign your marriage certificates. It is not necessary to emcee or regulate the game; something simple that someone can choose to opt-in or out like word scrambles or wedding Sudoku is good enough.

For those who may decide to opt-out of your wedding game, you can figure a piece of sweet soothing music to get them in the right mood lest they start getting busy with their phones or those still single start twisting their lab created diamond engagement rings in boredom. Have you ever been to a wedding where, as you wait for the ceremony, a live band plays a piece of beautiful music? If you have, you liked the experience, didn’t you? Most churches offer such services, or you can always engage carefully chosen musicians if the wedding venue is not a church.



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