5 Things To Remember When Moving To San Diego

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Is San Diego a good place to live? When you start researching and reading the top results on Google search pages, you’ll come across a whole bunch of websites. They’ll talk about all the exciting things that San Diego is famous for, like the nightlife, cafes, beaches, restaurants, museums, aquariums, and amusement parks. But, while these attractions are great for a vacation, the realities of living in the city are typically quite different. So, what are the main things you should know before moving to San Diego? Read ahead for a quick overview.

Locate Grocery Stores Before Finalizing the Neighborhood

When scouting around for apartments and houses, do the necessary research into the closest grocery stores. Accessing a good store within a 2-mile radius can quickly become a great convenience when you’re trying to cook and eat at home. Although you should find a Ralph’s or Trader Joe’s outlet easily, you can also safely rely on Walmart and Target for their fresh produce sections. Several farmer’s markets are available, and you can check them out for some great deals.

Ask Around for Service Providers

One of the first things to do before moving to San Diego is to inquire into service providers in the city. For instance, cleaning and maintenance services and trash pick-up schedules. Also, find out about local movers in San Diego who know the city well and can assist you not just with competitive rates, but also in-depth information about your neighborhood. Don’t forget to check for healthcare facilities, laundry services, pharmacies, and schools, if you have kids in the family.

Getting Around San Diego

San Diego does not have a well-developed public transportation system though it does have a bus and trolley network. Before moving to San Diego, you might want to consider whether your workplace and main places of interest are close by. If you work from home or intend to live in a downtown location, you can walk everywhere. San Diegans also like to invest in motorcycles, bicycles, electric skateboards, or e-scooters. Primarily because these vehicles can be easily parked indoors. For longer distance travel, Lyft and Uber are always available.

Owning a Car in the City

Most residents in San Diego prefer to own cars for getting around. That’s because the city is spread out and reaching the suburbs or areas like North Park and Universal Heights isn’t easy. If you do wish to get a car, make sure you have adequate parking in your community. On average, the parking fee in San Diego can be anywhere between $3 to $10 per hour. And, if you wish to park overnight or for 24 hours, expect to pay a charge of $10 to $30, depending on the area. While crime rates are low, leaving belongings in a parked car is never a smart thing to do. And, do remember to lock your vehicle carefully.

California is a Drought-Prone State

Conserving electricity and water is essential regardless of the state or city where you live in. But in San Diego California, these practices are almost mandatory. California is a drought-prone state with a dry climate that leads to wildfires. You’ll do your bit by taking quick showers and watering your lawn or plants at night. You might also want to do your laundry at night when there’s less pressure on the grid. Also, think about air-drying your clothes and hair and installing smart Wi-Fi-controlled thermostats to conserve the power used for air-conditioning and lighting.

Every city and state has its pros and cons, and San Diego is no different. You’ll love the laid-back lifestyle and friendly atmosphere. Keep these factors in mind and be ready to face the challenges of living in the city–settling down should not be a problem.