5 Tips For Designing Plastic Hangtags

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Hangtags can be considered the easiest methods of non-verbal access to product information. They have become, in recent times, the most powerful weapons in the garment industry to be precise.

Would you think of going to a clothing outlet and every time you want to enquire about an outfit, you have to reach out to the shop attendant to ask, “Hey how much is this? To which brand does it belong? What size is it?”. I mean, if twenty people asked at once, each with a different outfit, that would be quite a nasty and confusing time for them.

To solve this, hangtags and precisely plastic ones will make it so easy to deal with such a scenario. Are you a brand owner with products on shelf? Well then, this is just the right place for you to come to. Read on and improve your customer experience with plastic hangtags and how to design them to suit your business!


Why choose plastic clothing tags?

Plastic clothing tags for starters, are able to withstand a harsh environment as opposed to other materials.

As it is common knowledge, plastic is not good at absorbing moisture as opposed to paper or kraft. Therefore, a plastic tag would have your product and brand information intact even if touched with a wet object or exposed to a moist environment.

On the durability score, plastic clothing tags pass quite the test with an average score of 4.25. This is for chemical, abrasion, heat and UV/outdoor categories. Clearly, plastic clothing tags are the perfect option for your clothing brand!


What are 5 tips for designing clothing tags?

To design clothing tags, you need to incorporate the thoughts of your potential clients and also your brand. Integrating these two will bring out a good design which will in turn pull customers to your products and eventually mark stable and increased sales.

With these tips, you can perfectly design and deploy your plastic clothing tags for your brand or business.

1. Keeping your brand at the top however, provides you as an owner, with an opportunity to reflect and enhance your brand’s perception to your potential customers.

Here is where you get to choose on the primary colors and select proper wording for a catchy slogan as well as establish what relevant detail you can add to the tag.

2. Designing for your brand’s key demographic: Bear in mind, as a brand owner, who are your target audience. Plastic clothing tags are general and can be used to implement brand design for any product, relevant to any demographic or product. This can range from baby products, to teenage kids, women and children.

It can be really conflicting and displeasing to have men’s clothes with kids’ themes on its hangtag. It might even confuse them and if a client isn’t sure, then major chances are they won’t bother moving on to the next product.

3. Invest in Quality printing services: At 4OVER4 we pride ourselves in making it fit for your brand or business. Printing quality plastic hangtags for your clothing brand will make your products feel professionally made and build trust with your clients. Cross past the border of mediocrity and move to creativity with uniquely designed tags, attractive and appealing.

4. Consider the shape of your clothing tags: 4OVER4 provides die cut options for your brand’s business’ tags. With such, you can print unique shapes relative to your brand!

It would be really eye-catching to have a plastic clothing tag shaped as a hoodie or miniature pants. This would really pull customer attention and influence purchase decisions because it communicates quality and professionalism.

5. Finally, and most importantly, planning and arranging the details or information on your tag. This, as far as design is concerned, is very essential. Information on your plastic clothing tag should be on supreme sections.

Your brand’s logo can be at the top, measurements and other relevant product information and the center, and at the bottom, your website and socials. Similarly, you can have instructions at the back of the tag, not forgetting to leave some whitespace for price labelling.



Custom printed plastic clothing tags can add a solid identity to your brand’s product and make its image shine. This is one way to set your clothing brand apart from all the other numerous brands out there offering the same product.

At 4OVER4, this is in our reach! Using our diverse set of templates you can choose from, and an exclusive design tool to create your custom made tag, you can scale your sales a notch higher. 

We will always create proof for your designs and order for approval, printing and eventually, same or next day delivery or pickup. Looks like you already got all our tips and if you’ve read this far, you must’ve definitely built confidence in us. Reach out and let’s make your brand stand out from the rest!