5 Tips For New Moms That Will Up Your Parenting Game

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Source: https://raisingchildren.net.au

Becoming a mom for the first time is incredibly exciting, but also hugely daunting for some. Introducing a new person into the world and being their sole guardian can be a tremendous amount of pressure on top of daily life commitments and being a provider for the family income. If you’re worried about how the first year or so will pan out, then it’s good to take a few pieces of advice, both in practical terms and for your health. 


1. Don’t let medical or birth issues go undealt with

Unfortunately, sometimes health issues can arise as a result of pregnancy or labour. Postnatal depression and birth injuries are both realities of giving birth that should not go uncared for or ignored. If you feel you are experiencing post-natal depression, then go to see your doctor immediately for advice. If your birth, unfortunately, resulted in injury, then you may wish to make a compensation claim for a birth injury.

Pregnancy and childbirth bring many changes to the body. While some go away after giving birth, others remain for some time. Some pain is normal while your body recovering. Pregnancy forces your body to expand to accommodate your growing fetus. After delivery, your body tries to return to normal, and you may feel body pains during the process. Using a postpartum belly wrap can help alleviate the discomfort and provide support to your abdominal area. Apart from relieving your body pains, using one can also improve your mobility, increase your blood flow, refine your posture, and manage your urinary incontinence.

2. Ignore competition

Other parents can be a great source of reassurance when it comes to being a mom for the first time. However, sometimes parent and toddler groups and antenatal classes can inadvertently cause new moms to put pressure on themselves by listening to other parents talk about their successes and milestones. If other parent’s progress and feelings make you feel inadequate, then it’s crucial you ignore them. 


3. It’s okay to be overwhelmed

Being a new mom is a complete lifestyle change, now strollers, breast pumps and regular baby naps are becoming your only thoughts, and it’s also a huge responsibility, so it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed by it all!

4. Tiring out your baby won’t always work for sleeping

You may have heard fellow mothers say that they try and keep their babies occupied during the day with plenty of distractions to tire them out in the evening. However, it’s been noted that babies don’t always sleep when they’re tired. Keep your baby distracted and entertained as much as you can, but know that babies sometimes defy logic – it’s just part of the process. 

5. Have a rag or tissues on hand

Knocks, spillages, vomit – all of these are everyday realities of having a baby. They will soon become normality when you become a first-time parent, but just know that a box of tissues in every room could be very handy. Keeping something to hand to make your life easier is just mess management until they get a bit older. If you’re concerned about waste, then having a cloth or rag in every room that can be washed is an eco-friendly option. 

Becoming a new mom is such a life-changing moment; it’s hard to summarise how exactly your day-to-day existence will change. However, it’s good to know that every parent has experienced the difficulties and rewards you are about to encounter. Remember to take help when you need it, and remove pressures that you don’t.